The Writers’ Community of Durham Region Needs You on the Board!

Would you like to head up the WCDR Board?  WCDR is looking to fill the role of President in June 2018.

A Message from WCDR President, Jenny Madore
Jenny Madore

Being at the helm of this great organization has given me the chance to delve into the process from all angles. The craft. The expectations of the market. The needs of our members. The WCDR celebrates over twenty-five years of growth and support and over 300 people working toward their own greatest goal . . . to tell their stories.

It is an honour to serve and support such a talented gathering of like-minded, yet diverse, authors. It is rewarding. It is inspiring. And yes, it is exhausting at times. After two years working to provide opportunities for our membership, my term as President ended. When no one stepped up to take the reins, I stayed on. I love this organization and it truly isn’t a hardship to assume the responsibility but as of next June, it really is time to get fresh eyes and fresh ideas in place.

To that end, I’m putting out the call for President now. I’d like to work with the member or members willing to accept the baton for the 2018 – 2020 seasons. If you’re thinking you can’t possibly . . .  I said the same thing. If you’re thinking you just don’t have time . . . yep, I said that too. Being President isn’t as intimidating as you might think. You have a board of 10 people working with you. You have a paid administrative assistant. You have a solid member base to call upon when you need volunteers or favours for one project or another.

I’m not going to say it’s an easy job because it isn’t. It’s juggling. It’s time and energy spent. It’s putting out fires and answering complaints. It’s thinking up new ways to give your membership every bit of support they deserve. It’s also hugely rewarding both professionally and personally.

If you don’t think you could do it on your own, what about Co-President? Maybe you enjoy project planning but are terrified to speak at the podium. Maybe you’ve got kids and a job to work around and you won’t make it to all the events. Guaranteed there is another member out there thinking the same thing. Pick a running-mate or let us help you find someone whose skills complement your own.

The WCDR needs a President by June and it is my greatest wish to give him/her/them the time and training they need to ease into that role come July/September. If you wish to read through the duties as stated in the bylaws, they are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. If you wish to nominate yourself or be nominated for President, please copy the form below and send it to President@wcdr.org.

I can guarantee you’ll come out of the experience stronger, more confident in your writing and with a greater understanding of what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Your Prez,

Remember: Being President doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are. – Michelle Obama

Read more and view role descriptions and nomination ballots

Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary act!

We want you! Whether you’re ready to call yourself a writer, or if your career as a writer is already established, you can benefit from being part of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region (WCDR). We have plenty to offer those who live in the Durham Region, but if you don’t, hang on before clicking away! While we are known for our Monthly Network Meetings (in Whitby, Ontario), there are many other benefits to being a member of our writing community.

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Monthly Network Meetings

Every month, we celebrate with a Monthly Network Meeting at the Centre For Food (Durham College) Whitby, and we love everything that encompasses: writing, books, sales, contests, raffles, workshops, announcements, speakers, celebrations, networking, workshops, blue pencils…and a continental breakfast with gluten-free options.

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Know of a pricey retreat or workshop that could help you develop your craft? Members can apply for our yearly grants & scholarships…substantial sums are awarded to a variety of writers, from beginner to advanced!


Looking to develop your craft? We sponsor quality one-day workshops on a variety of topics, and every month, Monthly Network Meeting attendees can also register for one of our mini-workshops. We organize one-on-one and pitch sessions with some of the best industry professionals (editors and agents). Of course, these are at a discount to members! Browse our events/workshops calendar to take advantage of what else is available to you.


Attend one of our events, such as Words of the Season, where it’s all about YOU, your creativity and your performance.  You’ve got 5 minutes at the mic to read your work, or if you prefer, simply be part of the audience to enjoy the show. Participate in literary events, like the Word on the Street, where we have a booth every year. Check out our events/workshops calendar to see what else is going on.


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Obtain feedback on your work: Meet critique partners and/or beta readers at meetings or online in the forums; register for blue-pencil sessions at the Monthly Network Meetings; find a writing circle; register for a pitch session or one-on-one with industry professionals; read your work at Words of the Season; find quality, reputable editors.

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We want you to know we do welcome writers in all stages of their craft. If you’re looking to get motivated to take your writing more seriously, give us a try! If you’ve published before and you’d like opportunities to network with fellow authors, give us a try! If you’re a freelance writer, a nonfiction writer, or a blogger, give us a try!

Meet the board of directors of the WCDR. After all, they all started out as members—some even as quite recent members of the organization. The Writers’ Community of Durham Region encourages writers at all levels; offers opportunities for support, education and networking; and promotes the value of writers and writing. And that just happens to be our mission statement.

Questions? All are welcome! Contact support@wcdr.org