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Reflections: Past WCDR board members say time on board secured long-term friendships, increased credibility, network opportunities…and it was fun!

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Did you know that WCDR is administered by a board of volunteers who guide the group’s activities according to the members’ needs and interests?

The Board meets monthly and organizes events such as Bookapalooza, the Grants and Scholarships program, Words of the Season, RoundTable, Master Classes, Mini-Workshops and a host of writing contests—not an exhaustive list. Behind the scenes, they’re creating the magic, as it were. And as it happens, the WCDR board is seeking to fill five positions in 2017. Intrigued? Awesome! Learn more about available positions and how to nominate a candidate

What past board members are saying about the experience…

I have been a member of WCDR since Marjorie Green first formed the organization. During the years that I served on the board of directors, I became keenly aware of the uniqueness of this group and the substantial amount of time required to make the magic happen. As a board member, I reached out beyond the membership to writers, editors, publishers and the like to help us through speaking, teaching and sponsorship opportunities, thereby widening my own industry network. From day one, WCDR has stood for valuing what writers do, and in addition to offering opportunities for members to benefit from workshops and courses, we also made sure (and still do) that people presenting these events were paid. As a freelancer and one of those presenters, I always appreciated that, especially in a world where what we do is so often taken for granted. Board membership enhanced my credibility, and the social and bonding aspects of interacting with like-minded individuals forged friendships that will last a lifetime. Brainstorm sessions, discussion-enriched meetings, the sharing of ideas to better the lives and passions of writers at all levels … these are what being on the board is all about. I encourage anyone who has not yet served to consider it. Oh, and did I mention it’s fun? ~ Dorothea Helms

For several years Marjorie Green asked me to join her group but I would reply I was an accountant, not a writer. Then I started to write. Joined the group. Joined the board within months and have never regretted it. Those years on the board brought me mentors, friends and work opportunities—as a writer. Everyone on that initial board is still in my life in a wonderful way and they have created opportunities to meet a wider circle of people in the writing community. Last month I submitted a book proposal, by request, to an agent I met at Ruth Walker’s Writescape in November, used Phil Dyer’s template to refine mine and rewrote Chapter 1 after clear feedback from Annette McLeod on what didn’t work. WCDR has provided a warm and supportive environment for me to grow as a writer by introducing me to those who generously share their knowledge and expertise, from Dorothea Helms (best Writing Fairy around) to Sherry Hinman (master editor) Sue Reynolds (with my best writing coming out of Sanctuary) my Nettie (who makes my words sparkle) and so many more. ~ Rosalyn Cronin

At one of my last breakfasts as president, I opened the announcements by asking everyone in the crowd who had ever been on the board to please stand up. Several people stood. Then I asked everyone who had ever volunteered in another capacity for WCDR (being a first-time reader for a contest, organizing a contest, writing for/editing the Word Weaver, running the WCDR library, etc.) to also stand up. Several more stood. Finally, I asked for anyone who had helped in even a small way—welcoming first-time attendees at the breakfast, handing out flyers, etc., to also stand, and they did. By that point, there were as many people standing as sitting, and I said to the crowd, look around. This is what makes this organization work. This is what makes speakers and attendees from Toronto and elsewhere envious of what we’ve got – a vibrant group of active volunteers who make it all happen. Then I asked for volunteers to run for the board, and they did. But before I became president—before it even occurred to me to put my name forward to be on the board—someone (Ruth Walker) told me I should. At first, I said no—I barely knew the organization, I didn’t think I had anything to contribute, and I’d had only a few pieces published, so I didn’t feel I was qualified. But she said none of that mattered and that I had a lot to contribute. Just do it (she said). We all bring different gifts to the table, whether it’s knowledge from work or a hobby, connections to others, or simply a crazy dose of excitement about writing. And I did it—I submitted my name, I was accepted onto the board, and I didn’t leave for five years. So if you’ve been thinking about running for the board—or even if you haven’t—just do it! ~ Sherry Hinman, former WCDR President

Board Opportunities in 2017 

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • RoundTable Coordinator
  • Speaker Coordinator
  • PR/Social Media

Learn more about available positions and how to nominate a candidate

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Meet the board of directors of the WCDR. After all, they all started out as members–some even as quite recent members of the organization. The Writers’ Community of Durham Region encourages writers at all levels; offers opportunities for support, education and networking; and promotes the value of writers and writing. And that just happens to be our mission statement.

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