2012 06 15 – Dorothea Helms

WCDR member Dorothea Helms, The Writing Fairy, is a semi-finalist for the 2012 Robert Benchley Award for Humor! She is the ONLY Canadian on the list of 10.


The final judge is comedian Arte Johnson (remember Wolfgang the German soldier in Laugh-in?). Entries had to be written in the style of renowned 20th century American humorist Robert Benchley.

To read Dorothea’s entry, go to http://www.robertbenchley.org/2012_competition/index.htm.

Click on E014. Her piece is called “Personal Ad.” As writers, you should all appreciate the humor in this!

Contest winners will be announced soon. Wish Dorothea luck!


One thought on “2012 06 15 – Dorothea Helms”

  1. Good luck Dorothea. Loved it. Don’t we all need one of those…SWM’s (though Rich is handy with the computer stuff and pretty irreplacable.


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