December 14 2013 Mini-Workshop: Approaches to Story Architecture with Erin Thomas

About the workshop:

There are a lot of takes on plot structure out there. Some draw on screenwriting templates, some on mythic structure and archetypes, some on plain old common sense. In this one-hour workshop, we’ll compare a few of the better-known approaches and find out what they have in common and where they differ, and how you can take what works for you to build your own approach to plot structure.

You will leave with:

  • A basic understanding of some of the different approaches to plot structure (drawing on highlights from James Scott Bell, John Truby, Michael Hauge and Christopher Vogler, among others) and where you can find more information
  • Some insights into how they are alike and how they differ
  • A selection of “trial outlines,” taking these ideas and applying them to your current projects, and seeing what each set of insights has to offer you in terms of understanding your own stories and characters
  • A list of useful books on plot structure with a short description of each
    A sense that plot structure and outlining can be fun as well as helpful

About the facilitator:

Erin Thomas writes books for children and young adults. Her sixth book for reluctant readers, Roller Coaster, will be available in October 2013 from H.I.P. Books. Her previous titles Overboard (H.I.P. Books), Boarder Patrol (Orca Sports) and Haze (Orca Sports) were all Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Best Books for Kids and Teens” selections. Haze was also a Resource Links magazine “Year’s Best 2012” selection.

Erin is currently at work on a book about a teenaged sleight-of-hand magician, to be released in 2014 as part of Orca’s new Limelights series. She is represented by Monica Pacheco of the Anne McDermid & Associates Literary Agency.

Erin is an Ontario Certified Teacher and experienced workshop presenter who has taught writing courses through the organization and through Centennial College. She is a self-confessed “plot junkie” and loves to talk structure with other writers.