December 14, 2013 Monthly Meeting Speaker: Tony Jenkins

In December 2013, the WCDR welcomed Tony Jenkins to the RoundTable meeting. This guest speaker’s talk has come and gone, but you can still learn a thing or two, and check out what you’ve missed!


About the presentation

Anthony Jenkins served as editorial cartoonist/ caricaturist and writer with the Globe and Mail for nearly four decades.  Recently retired, he continues with the paper as a freelancer.

You might think editorial cartooning is primary a visual art, but the words that appear are a précis, carefully culled and massaged, getting the message out with a minimum of pithy prose – from sly to sledgehammer as needs be.  Sources for the voices, unapologetically appropriated, run the gamut from thuggish PMs to slippery senators, prescient little kids, punks, princesses and popes.

How is the cartoon you view in your daily newspaper (for six seconds, it is said) created? Does the cartoonist come up with the concept? Write the words? Get edited for taste, libel, political correctness? Draw contempt, outrage, kudos, all from the same cartoon depending on whose ox is gored? Does he or she do it daily to a deadline measured in mere hours?

(Hint: yes to all the above. And more.)

Anthony Jenkins will be signing his book of minimalist elegant line caricatures, A Fine Line after the presentation:


About the speaker


Anthony Mars Jenkins was born in Toronto and delivered the Globe and Mail from a wagon as a kid. He graduated from The University of Waterloo with an Arts BA and got a Masters in ‘Backpacking Around’ through 83 countries, to date. He joined the Globe on graduation in 1974 and has only recently retired. Semi-retired at least!

Jenkins  has two grown and well- travelled (quel surprise!) daughters and lives in Mono, (outside Orangeville) Ontario. He paints for fun and profit. Mostly the former.

You can learn more about him at




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