June 2017 Guest Speaker – Elise Levine

Risky Business: Raising the Stakes on Character and Form with Elise Levine
June 10th RoundTable Speaker


Elise Levine
Elise Levine

When our characters make choices — usually bad choices — high-stakes narratives ensue. When we as writers take risks on behalf of our characters — through unusual choices we might make in terms of characterization, voice and style, and form — our work achieves velocity. Learn some of the techniques for pushing your own writing boundaries, and capturing the spirit of your envelope-pushing protagonists.

BIO: Elise Levine is the author of the story collection Driving Men Mad and the novel Requests and Dedications. Her work has also appeared in The Journey Prize Anthology, and Best Canadian Stories. Originally from Toronto, ON, she now lives in Baltimore, MD, and is Director of the MA in Creative Writing at Johns Hopkins University.

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