Our Purpose

The Writers’ Community of Durham Region (WCDR) is dedicated to raising the profile of writers of all kinds, and at all levels, by offering a forum through which they can find support, education and networking opportunities.

As a non-profit umbrella organization, WCDR has worked since 1995 to draw together individuals and groups with common interests in promoting the art and skill of writing, fostering literacy, and providing moral support to our members. To find out about the many writing-related activities WCDR offers, explore this website. We encourage you also to attend a breakfast meeting or two to experience first-hand the excitement generated when like-minded individuals gather to share their passion for writing.



New members are always welcome, including those who are just starting to explore their interest in writing. Current members include novices, award-winning and published writers and poets, editors, illustrators and songwriters.

Membership in the WCDR costs only $65 ($25 for students), and renewal payments can be made every year in the month during which you originally joined.

Are you wondering exactly what a yearly membership to the Writers’ Community of Durham Region has to offer?

  • Member Pages:
    • A page on the WCDR website with the member’s professional profile: picture, website and contact info, biography, publication history, awards, etc.
  • Online Pitches: **New for 2016**
    • Get to skip the slush pile and pitch to a variety of publishers and agents
  • The Word Weaver:
    • Electronic delivery of the literary newsletter right to your email, with ability to share via social media right away.
    • Opportunity to contribute to newsletter by pitching to its editor (contributing an article results in a paid publishing credit).
  • The Buzz:
    • Electronic subscription to the informational newsletter (released once or twice per week), containing current news and updates about the organization, its members, and sister organizations, as well as information about current writing events and workshops.
  • Discounts:
  • WCDR yearly grants & scholarships (eligible to apply)
  • WCDR SLAM contest (eligible to enter)
  • Self-promotion:
    • Opportunity to share news of your achievements (Paeans and Kudos) via board announcements at monthly meetings and via email newsletter. (The Buzz)
    • Access to member tables at monthly meeting to promote your published works.
    • Opportunity to advertise and promote your writing-related services, events, and/or achievements via PowerPoint slides displayed during monthly meetings.
    • Opportunity to list any workshop you may offer on the WCDR website.
    • Opportunity to include flyers and brochures on member tables during monthly meetings.
  • Writing-related committees:
    • Opportunities to join and participate in: judging contests, staging literary festivals, participating in special workshops and programs, contributing to the WCDR website, running to become a WCDR board member, and more!

Keep in mind… The WCDR is a collective! Your membership fees help support and nurture others, and contribute to the community with a wide array of activities and programmes that support writers at all levels. The WCDR nurtures new writers, supports the careers of writers, contributes to worthy causes such as literacy events, and participates in the publishing world so that the WCDR can make a difference in the lives of writers. Our membership makes all this possible. The vital support in fees and volunteer hours our members contribute enables the WCDR to advance the goals and aspirations of writers in our expanding community.


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