WCDR Monthly Network Meeting

Upcoming Monthly Network Meeting Speakers...
UP NEXT: Annette Mcleod: Outlining And coming up in early 2018... April 21st - Megan Beadle: Agents - Find One. Sign One. 

March 10th: Annette McLeod

Annette McLeodOutlining Annette McLeod will talk about Outlining - Using plot beams, this interactive workshop will show you how to simply lay out the bare bones of any story, whether a screenplay, novel or shorter work. With the participation of attendees, we will start from scratch and have a complete story outline before the coffee is cold! Find out the importance of a catalyst, how to set up rising suspense before paying it off, and how even diehard pantsers can stop thinking of “plot” as a dirty word.

Upcoming Speakers
Every month, we welcome industry professionals as guest speakers for our Monthly Network Meeting. You can always expect to learn something from the writers, agents, and editors who visit the WCDR.
January 13, 2018Blue Pencil Bonanza!
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No Mini-Workshop.
February 10, 2018Trevor Cole: The Black HandTrevor Cole: How to Create Great Dialogue
March 10, 2018Annette McLeod - Interactive Writing Workshop. Details coming soon. Mini-Workshop: Details coming soon!
April 21, 2018Megan Beadle: Agents - Find One. Sign One. Details coming soon!Mini-Workshop: TBA
May 12, 2018Reva Stern: Reading Your Work for an Audience. Details coming soon!Mini-Workshop: TBA
June 9, 2018Annual General Meeting & Interactive WritingNo Mini-Workshop
July 14, 2018Summer Slam and Member CelebrationNo Mini-Workshop