Call for WCDR Mini-Workshops

2016-17 WCDR RoundTable Mini-Workshop Proposal

The WCDR mandate is to encourage all members to continuously gain knowledge on the business of writing as well as develop their writing skills. One of the opportunities to do this is by attending an interesting, informative and enthusiastic one hour workshop. As a member of the WCDR, you are eligible to share your expertise and earn some income by facilitating a 1 hour mini-workshop.

Select 2-3 preferred times for your workshop. We will do our best to accommodate. The Board will confirm the schedule upon acceptance of the proposal.

All materials (preparation and distribution) are the responsibility of the presenter.

Workshop Proposal

Your Name:
Your Bio:

Include any specific experience, expertise, or qualification related to the topic.

Your preferred schedule.

Please check 2-3 preferred months for your presentation.

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*Mini-workshop are not scheduled in March, July, August or December



Class Title:



Tell us what the workshop will be about, key points



Learning Outcomes:

Tell us what participants will learn by attending this session.


A CALL for PROPOSALS to present WCDR After-Breakfast MINI-WORKSHOPS for Fall 2016 and winter/Spring 2017

This is a special announcement directed to any member who would like to lead a Mini-Workshop for the WCDR for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017.

The Board is excited to announce that we are once again looking for proposals for one hour mini-workshops to immediately follow each WCDR breakfast starting in September, 2016.

These workshops will continue to be offered at the Centre for Food, Durham College, following each breakfast.


Each mini-workshop should be a stand-alone learning experience that lasts one hour.

Submit your proposal, detailing what you would like to teach and a synopsis of the hour-long workshop using the form below.

Deadline for submissions is May 31. (deadline extended) The best proposals will be chosen by the WCDR Board and announced in June.


• to encourage all members to improve their writing skills by attending an interesting, informative and enthusiastic one hour workshop
• to make it easy for new members to experience a writers’ workshop by continuing to hold one right after each monthly breakfast
• momentum- we’re already all together in the same place having breakfast. Let’s continue the magic
• more momentum!- many members have mentioned how energized they are after our guest speakers have finished. Why not keep it alive in a related activity?
• the cost will be kept at $15.00 and it will help the WCDR Board make a little money to help fund its other initiatives
• part of the workshop registration fee goes to the presenter, so it helps fund their writing and hones their presentation skills too!


A guaranteed minimum of $75.00 will be paid to each presenter, but each presenter earns half the registration fees. A full house can earn a presenter over $225.00 (cheques usually processed in 30 days).

Any WCDR member or guest who also attends the breakfast that morning is eligible to attend the mini-workshop offered that day.

The cost to attend is $15.00 per member and $20.00 per non-member. There is a limit of one seat reservation per member, unless the seat is pre-paid.

Seats may be purchased in advance at any time. They are not refundable, but are transferable. (It is expected that most seats will be purchased in advance.)

Each workshop, unless special arrangements are made, will be limited to 30 people (limit of the conference room).

(Please note: A key element of acceptance is how interesting, useful and new the topic is and how effectively it can be presented in one hour. Preference will be given to those who did not present in the 2014/15 season.)

We’re so looking forward to enjoying a selection of workshops, and are sure that they will be as well-presented and interesting as the ones we have already enjoyed.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email WCDR at or We will be happy to reply.

Submit Mini-Workshop Proposal

Thanks! And I hope to see many of you at the breakfast meetings, and in future workshops!

WCDR Workshop Coordinator,
Yvonne Hess