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Member of the Year

WCDR sometimes awards a “Member of the Year” to a member who has gone “above and beyond” in giving back to the organization.

The recipient receives flowers, a certificate and membership paid for the next year.


  • 2010 – Ruth Walker
  • 2009 – Heather O’Connor

  • Also special recognition of Sherry Loeffler for her work on the WCDR Lending Library.

  • 2008 – Rich Helms
  • PA200003

  • 2008 – also saw a special recognition of Past President Sherry Hinman
  • PA200009

  • 2007 – Kevin Craig

  • 2006 – Rosalyn Cronin

  • 2005 – Deb Rankine
  • 2004 – Dorothea Helms
  • 2003 – Nancy del Col
  • 2002 – Sandra Metselaar
  • 2001 – Dorothy Sjoholm

Past President Sherry Hinman’s Message – History of the WCDR

I recently heard a story from my friend, Ruth Walker, about how she came to be a part of WCDR. She had heard about the organization and wanted to join, only she had just started writing and didn’t feel like she was a writer. Then, when her first submission won the Canadian Living Short Fiction Competition, she approached then president Marge Green to say that, now that her work had been recognized, she was ready to join. “You didn’t have to do that,” Marge told her. “If you’re writing, you’re a writer.”

Five years ago, in the fall of 2000, I had come to the nervous realization that I wanted to become a writer. In fact, by this point, it was something I wanted quite badly. I battled huge resistance in taking such a leap by following what “they” say: break the task down into small steps until there’s one so small you can follow it without your resistance getting in the way. I found my small step – I would join WCDR and make no other commitment for the moment. Just join, if they’d have me.

So I called the WCDR phone line and left a message. And a woman called me back. I asked her so many questions she must have wondered if I was trying to make the full career change over the phone. Questions about what credentials I needed. Did I have to become a member? I haven’t published anything, you know. Is that okay? Well, I did publish one thing several years ago—. “Just come,” she said, in the calmest and most soothing voice you can imagine. “Just come. You’ll love it.” Of course, the woman who called me back was Ruth Walker, welcoming me and making me feel like I deserved to stand alongside so many others who wanted to write, who needed to write, who wrote for their livelihood, and who wrote for the love of writing.

I have learned so much from so many in this organization: from workshops and courses by people like Gwynn Scheltema, Dorothea Helms, and Ruth Walker. I’ve made scores of new friends, too many to mention. But the most important thing I’ve learned as part of WCDR is that we must keep welcoming new people, individuals who may well be taking a daring step toward acknowledging that they want to write and that they need to write. For this, we owe a debt of gratitude to Marge Green, who set the tone for an organization that is open to anyone who seeks to write and needs support, mentorship, encouragement, or just the company.

Thank you for inviting me in. And may the door to WCDR always stand open.

Sherry Hinman, president, WCDR

2011 Annual Report

To download a pdf copy of the 2010 – 2011 WCDR Annual Report, please click here: WCDR Annual Report 2010 – 2011

Our special thanks to Rose Cronin of The Awesome Bean Counter Inc for her insight and help in compiling the Annual Unaudited Financial Statements.

To download a pdf copy of the WCDR ByLaws amended at the June 2010 Annual General Meeting please click here:WCDR Proposed New 2011 Bylaws

If you are a member of the WCDR and have any questions about either of these reports, please contact the President by clicking here: CONTACT