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April 2, 2017 Catch the Buzz

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WCDR Open Board Positions June 2017

The WCDR Board is seeking to fill the following positions in 2017:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • RoundTable Coordinator
  • Speaker Coordinator
  • PR/Social Media

This form may be copied, or additional forms can be obtained from the Secretary.  Nominations must be received by email or delivered in person by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. 

Please Print:



Nominate …………………………………………………..


to sit on the Board of Directors for a period of two years as:…………………………….

(you may nominate yourself, if you wish)



Nominee consent has been obtained (please circle or highlight one):

    Yes      No

Please submit this completed nomination form to the President,  Jenny Madore at

on, or before, 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

For Secretary’s use only:
Membership verified for candidate: _________________

Membership verified for nominator: _________________


Volunteer Board Positions Opening up in June 2017

Descriptions of the Open WCDR Board Roles


  1. The President will:
  • when present, preside at all meetings of the board and at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and sit, ex-officio, as a member of all committees and subcommittees of the Corporation;
  • be responsible for the general management and supervision of all affairs and operations of the Corporation;
  • with the Secretary or Secretary-Treasurer, or other officer appointed by the board, sign all minutes and by-laws, other documents and cheques;
  • welcome members and guests at membership meetings and officiate throughout these meetings; and
  • facilitate both internal and external communications regarding all aspects of the Corporation, consistent with the mandates of the Corporation

In the absence of the President, the Vice-President, or such other director as the board may appoint for the purpose, will assume the duties of the President.

Presidents serving a term of at least one (1) year may, upon assuming the role of Past-President, become an honorary member of the Corporation at the discretion of the Board

  1. Chair meetings
    1. Schedule meetings; along with board, determine dates and venues
    2. Request agenda items, prepare agenda and distribute at meeting
    3. Call for a vote when necessary
  2. AGM
    1. Preside at AGM and other general meetings
    2. Supervise preparation of Annual Report with Treasurer and input from board
  3. RoundTable
    1. Prepare podium agenda, and introduce speaker if needed
    2. Host RoundTable meetings and other events as required
    3. Prepare member kudos for podium
    4. Make announcements as necessary
  4. General management and supervision
    1. Take on or assign board duties as required
    2. Ensure efforts are in concert with goals, objectives, and aspirations of membership
  5. Word Weaver Liaison
    1. Check Word Weaver content prior to publication to ensure material is accurate and conveys appropriate message (does not imply copy editing)
    2. Write or designate the Message from the Board for each issue
    3. Serve as contact person for Word Weaver editor
  6. Public voice
    1. Act as an ambassador for the WCDR


  1. The Treasurer will attend meetings of the board and ensure that the following are done:
  • full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of the Corporation in proper books of account shall be maintained to be delivered up upon direction from the board to such person or persons who may be named in a resolution passed by the board and facilitate archiving these documents on the board page of the web site;
  • all moneys or other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the Corporation shall be deposited in such financial institution(s) as may from time to time be designated by the board;
  • the funds of the Corporation shall be disbursed under the direction of the board, using proper vouchers, invoices or receipts;
  • a written account of the financial position of the Corporation shall be provided at each monthly board meeting and for the Annual Report
  • full and accurate accounts of funds belonging to corporations or groups which are affiliated with the Corporation shall be maintained; and
  • receipts shall be issued and members and guests shall be registered at monthly membership meetings.
  1. Signing authority for the board
  2. Monitor financial information on QuickBooks software including recording cheques written and deposits made, PayPal deposits, bank service charges, bank interest received, and reconciling monthly bank statements as prepared by the admin assistant.
  3. Provide financial information at board meetings as needed and request a vote where necessary
  4. Ensure cheques are co-signed by Treasurer and one of the other three board members with signing authority (President, Vice President, Secretary)
  5. Assist other board members with budget preparation for workshops and special events


  1. The Secretary will:
  • act as clerk of the board and attend all meetings of the board;
  • ensure that all facts and minutes of all proceedings are recorded and maintained in a business-like manner;
  • be the custodian of the paper and electronic documents belonging to the Corporation, to be delivered up upon direction from the advisory board to such person or persons who may be named in a resolution passed by the board; and archive or supervise archiving of all documentation, minutes, forms, bylaws, etc. on Board page of website;
  • prepare and distribute agendas, minutes and other materials as necessary in advance of board meetings; and
  • be responsible for running the elections process at the Annual General Meeting.
  1. Post minutes of all meetings on Board Page
  2. Maintain record of any e-votes
  3. At AGM: Chair election, if required, for new board members
    1. Receive board nominations and retain
    2. Verify member status of nominees with Membership Co-ordinator
    3. Obtain bios from nominees
  4. Following AGM, submit update of sitting board members to the Ontario provincial government, Public Appointments Secretariat.
  5. Chair membership votes such as amendments to bylaws and record the results
  6. Obtain new board members bios and photos for posting on website
  7. Assist registration and check-in at RoundTable as needed
  8. Provide sister groups (WCYR, WCSC, etc.), legal and banking partners with list of new board members
  9. Provide backup for telephone messages as needed (or designate)
  10. Signing authority for the board
  11. Distribute “Ask A Writer” queries as they come in to appropriate resource.
RoundTable Co-ordinator
  1. Accept registrations for breakfasts (members and guests) and maintain list of breakfasts and mini-workshop registrants; co-ordinate with Admin Assistant for accurate registration numbers.
  2. Liaise with Speaker Liaison on RoundTable speakers, and ensure arrangements for speaker breakfast, guest, space, etc. are confirmed
  3. Check WCDR sign up online in preparation of RoundTable
    1. Co-ordinate with Admin Assistant to check phone and email frequently for additional registrations, especially on days leading up to the RoundTable
    2. Advise other board members of messages if applicable
  4. Contact RoundTable venue to confirm numbers no later than noon of the Wednesday prior to the breakfast
  5. Send RoundTable-related e-mails to Web Admin and PR for distribution to the members
  6. At Board meeting prior to breakfast, arrange with other board members to have all the breakfast positions covered (someone to manage speaker, take money and registrations, introduce speaker, thank and pay speaker, sell door prize raffle tickets, membership inquiries, greet first-time guests)
  7. At breakfast:
    1. Bring to breakfast: WCDR signs, bulletin board, flyers from last breakfast, list of registrants for treasurer
    2. Arrive by 7:45 to ensure set up is correct and make any adjustments
    3. Handle Paypal registrants at the door (Asking another person to assist is recommended)
    4. make sure new members and guests have a WCDR ambassador to show them the ropes and introduce them to other members
    5. Liaise with venue staff on numbers, bring the invoice to treasurer for review and bring cheque to restaurant staff.
  8. Co-organize with Events for special RoundTable meetings such as Blue Pencil Bonanza, December Gift Giveaway, Pro Panel, July Member Celebration, etc.
Speaker Co-ordinator
  1. Seek out speakers/facilitators in co-ordination with other board members, for RoundTable meetings, Master Class full-day workshops and mini-workshops.
  2. Contact facilitators to invite them and arrange date and location.
  3. Serve as contact person to guest speakers/facilitators
  4. Provide facilitators with details regarding time, place, directions, format, audience, requested topic, etc.
  5. Request photo and bio to distribute to Web Admin, PR Co-ordinator, and Word Weaver editor
  6. Confirm facilitator attendance (closer to date) if necessary
  7. Arrange transportation, hotel and special requests for speakers, as needed
  8. Liaise with instructor to prepare budget and set price
  9. Arrange payment of speaker (for WCDR-sponsored workshops)
  10. Prepare workshop related emails, slides, and promo information to provide to Web Admin, PR Co-ordinator, and Word Weaver editor.
  11. Announce upcoming Master Class workshops at breakfasts
  12. Explain to speaker/facilitator the set fees: a $200 honorarium for RoundTable speakers, half the registration with a minimum of $500 for Master Class speakers and
  13. Track registration for workshops and maintain list for attendance.
  14. Arrange venue and refreshments for Master Class workshops.
  15. Liaise with Treasurer to obtain payment for venue and any other expenses if needed.
  16. Attend WCDR-sponsored workshop, or arrange for a designate, to co-ordinate things the day of the workshop
  17. Greet speaker (or find designate) and sit with speaker during breakfast (or find a designate)
  18. Arrange for introduction of speaker
  19. Provide a budget accounting of each WCDR sponsored workshop and facilitate instructor payment 
Public Relations Co-ordinator
  1. Act as media liaison on behalf of WCDR, including answering any media requests for information via e-mail, phone, or over social media
  2. Maintain media distribution list
  3. Provide timely media releases or other promotional communications such as social media announcements, web postings etc. for the upcoming RoundTables.
  4. Where appropriate, send media releases before and after the breakfast to newspaper, print and radio sources (if the speaker was a big name, etc. – more as a news report.)
  5. Liaise with Charline Jones from Whistle Radio Stouffvile (a WCDR member) to arrange interviews with members who would like to appear on her radio show
  6. Liaise with volunteers to watch for mentions of WCDR in media outlets
  7. Report media mentions in print, radio or online to Board and membership
  8. Liaise with other Co-ordinators to include upcoming activities in communications
  9. Provide information of upcoming events, outings, celebrations, fundraisers, speakers and workshops to Word Weaver editor and Web Administrator
  10. Send out periodic media releases about special events, contest winners, etc. as required (or designate)
  11. Network and promote organization whenever possible
  12. Pursue paid advertising as required by the board; work with Word Weaver editor
  13. Liaise with the board and Events Co-ordinator to raise awareness for monthly RoundTable speakers and mini-workshop topics, MasterClasses, Bookapalooza, Pro Panel, Scholarships, Blue Pencil Bonanza, AGM, and July Member Celebrations.


Bookapalooza 2015 – Bigger and Better

New Venue – Intimate Atmosphere – Free Parking.

On Saturday, November 21st, from 10am – 4pm, join the Writers’ Community of Durham Region in celebrating the talent of local authors. Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, the WCDR will be once again connecting authors with readers, fans and book enthusiasts.

In response to exhibitor comments last year, we’ve made a few modifications to ensure Bookapalooza 2015 is even bigger and better. Elevators. Seating areas. Free parking. Central location. Accessible power. Open snack-bar. Separate stage area. And more…

Our new venue is the charming Durham College, Centre For Food/Bistro 67 building at 1604 Champlain Avenue, Whitby (just off Thickson Rd/401). For site information visit:

We’re inviting agents and publishers to come promote their houses and the local authors they represent. We’ve got editors, workshop coordinators, layout and book trailer designers coming to network their services. And there will be other organizations and conference holders there to inform the public and writers about upcoming events they are involved in.

The costs are: $65 for a Member Author Table (2’x4’), $75 for a Non-member Author Table (2’x4’) and $130 for an Industry/Author Double Table (2’x8’.

To reserve your spot in the show, visit

Bookapalooza (large)

Annual General Meeting – Election for Vice-President


While the nominations for the new board is over and the positions decided, there are two members vying for the position of Vice-President. It will be put to a member vote as to who will be our next VP: Marissa Campbell or Vinita Kinra.


Marissa Campbell has been a member of the WCDR since 2011. She is a self-published author, and her debut historical fiction, AVELYNN, will be released through St. Martin’s Press September 8th, 2015. An active member of the WCDR, you can find Marissa at the monthly breakfasts listening raptly to the guest speakers, notepad in hand, and enjoying the passionate conversation and warm camaraderie to be found within this amazing and dynamic group. You can also catch a peek of her onstage at Words of the Season, reading excerpts of her work. Always eager to learn and grow in her craft, Marissa has taken numerous member workshops, including blue pencil sessions, pitch sessions, and retreats such as Spring Thaw. Her bookshelf boasts a substantial collection of WCDR’s own authors! As Vice President, Marissa will help our new President, Jenny Madore, bring the fun back into the membership. Together, they will find new and exciting ways for members to get involved in programming and will discover innovative ways for the organization to support and promote the membership. She hopes you will consider voting for her in the role of Vice President and looks forward to working with the new 2015 board!


Vinita Kinra was born in Milton (Ontario) on June 2, 1975, and holds a Master’s degree in French. She debuted her career as an English teacher in France with prestigious high school, Lycée Internationale Stendhal, followed by lectureship at Université Stendhal and Université d’Orléans.

She is an author, public speaker and activist, best known for her collection of fictional short stories, Pavitra in Paris, published to critical acclaim in 2013.

Vinita’s sharp, thought-provoking quotations have appeared alongside world legends like Gandhi, Buddha, Einstein, Jimmy Carter and H.G. Wells. Her next book, IMAGINE: Selected Quotations, is launching in the fall of 2015. Many of her quotations have been adopted by business houses, fashion schools and international organizations for their powerfully fresh take on pertinent global issues like environmental protection, religious harmony, nation building, friendship, love, destiny, death, success, wisdom, spirituality, and much more.

Vinita is a sought after public speaker, frequently invited to deliver speeches in English and French at schools, community groups, womens’ organizations, and writers’ and entrepreneurs’ groups throughout the GTA. Her talks on the need to fight racism and discrimination, global warming, gender inequality, social injustice and violation of human rights have received wide media attention, including CBC.


If you are unable to attend the AGM RoundTable meeting, please exercise your right to vote with the proxy link attached.:



JOIN the WCDR Team and help us make it all happen!

The WCDR board is where exciting ideas for writers become reality. Words of the Season, the Summer SLAM, Bookapalooza, Master Classes and Agent/ Editor pitches all started with a creative idea and an enthusiastic board member.  If you have great ideas and creative or organizational skills to lend to WCDR,  consider joining our board. We can’t do it without you!

Click here for a list of board positions available and their descriptions.  The nomination form is ready for your name. See you at the AGM RoundTable in June!

WCDR Short Story Contest Winners Announced and Cover Contest Winner Unveiled!

Sarah Selecky has announced the final results of the WCDR 2014 Short Story Contest. The WCDR congratulates the winners, and we look forward to seeing your entries published in Renaissance, our short story anthology due out later this year.  We thank all who entered and are pleased to see so many WCDR members take top prizes.

The winners are:

1st Place- prize $1,000

Allergies Stephanie                 Phil Dwyer

2nd Place- prize $400

Before and After                     Corrie Adams

3rd Place- Prize $200

Pearl Earbobs             Gwen Tuinman


Honourable Mentions- Prize $25 and publication credit

Black As Sin                           Anne MacLachlan

The Night Traveller                 Jennifer Sutton

Here’s what Sarah had to say about the winning entries:

Allergies Stephanie

I chose this arresting story as the contest winner because it took big risks – and they worked!  The second person point of view, the obsessive narration and fixation on font design, the compulsive repetition in language — this story uses language sculpturally, and form and content work together to create a consciousness that lifts off the page and becomes real. It was a pleasure to find this story in the entries, as one would feel delight at discovering a gemstone.

Before and After

I was enchanted by the gorgeous language in this story – the writing evokes a humid summer evening with emotions gathering like rainclouds, so thick you can taste them. The story occurs just before a major transition in the narrator’s life, and everything feels pumped up and tingly before the drop. The language is luminous and embodied: these sentences radiate.

Pearl Earbobs

This story is beautifully written, and I read it several times, admiring the craftsmanship – confident, strong, with sophisticated depth and design. I recognized the first sentence, of course (the prompt) but it was the rest of the opening paragraph that gripped me. The stakes are life and death, the voice is honest and authentic, the language sepia-tinted from history, and the drama is real.


Honourable Mentions

Of all of the sci-fi and fantasy entries, the following two stories stood out.  I loved reading these two, because in both cases, they made me forget I was reading for a contest, and I enjoyed losing myself in the stories themselves. I’d like to give them honourable mentions, because they certainly were fresh and exciting to me:

Black as Sin

This story changed my perspective on the classic tale: I’ve never thought about Snow White this way before, and the writing transported me to another time and place.

The Night Traveller

The attention to detail is wonderful! The language – and the verisimilitude it evokes — make this story feel chilling and real. Again, I was transported — I lost myself in this other world.

Thank you for inviting me to judge this contest! I send congratulations and high-fives to all of the writers who submitted stories this year.

Winner of the $250 prize for the 2014 Contest for the cover of our Renaissance Anthology is:

Ingrid Ruthig, with her innovative take on rebirth and reimagining: Weaving Stories.

“One particular word in this year’s anthology title struck a chord – “Renaissance.” It was that historic cultural movement signalling the rebirth of curiosity and freedom of the imagination. It was discovery and learning. It was knowledge spread far and wide, thanks to the Gutenberg press. It was possibility. And it continues to encompass all that, and more. Situated as it is in this title, the word suggests a reawakening to the pleasures of short fiction, maybe even a re-seeing, reinvention, or reimagining. The artwork I chose to represent that feeling is a detail from the prototype of a new textwork series I’ve begun. It, too, is a reimagining, of sorts. Based on two portraits of Marie Antoinette, the image suggests that what we think we know of any person’s story is based on a weaving of fact and fiction. At best, it’s an incomplete tale. At worst, a serious manipulation. By revisiting the picture, or the story, or the short fiction form, we open up to the possibilities of what it might be. And rediscover it for ourselves.”

The 2014 Renaissance Anthology will include the Top Winners, Longlist stories and a few extra entries, chosen for their excellence. It will be launched in the fall of 2014.  Stay tuned for more details!


Special Announcement Re: Board Nominations

WCDR is looking forward to another exciting year of opportunity, information and craft for writers! Our AGM is coming up at the June RoundTable, and we have board positions up for election. If you are interested in volunteering your time and effort, and want to contribute to this unique and dynamic organization, the WCDR wants you!
The following positions are available for election:

Vice-President – current nominations: Jenny Madore


Treasurer – Standing for re-election: Jenny Madore

Membership Coordinator – Standing for re-election: Maureen Curry

Web Liaison


If you know someone in the WCDR who would make a great volunteer and enjoy serving on the board, please nominate them, or by all means, nominate yourself. Note: Before nominating another person, you must obtain their verbal permission to do so.

Please use the attached nomination form to make a nomination.

Please deliver the nomination form in person, or submit this completed nomination form as an email attachment, to the Secretary, Phil on, or before, 6:00 p.m., May 10, 2014. This is the same day as the May Breakfast Meeting.

All nominations will be announced to the WCDR membership by group email on Sunday, May 11th. The election will be held at the June RoundTable meeting.

A brief description of all board roles is on page 2 of the nomination form.

If you have any questions, please contact a board member, or email Dawn Riddoch at

Looking forward to another year of possibilities with WCDR!

Sally Moore

President, WCDR

Amazing Offer from Barbara Kyle at May 10th RoundTable


Barbara Kyle has an amazing offer to the special people of the WCDR. At the May 10th RoundTable she’ll offer her online video workshop series “Writing Fiction That Sells” for free. You can watch an excerpt here:

The series covers over eleven hours of instruction, insight, and inspiration and is a $50 value. It’s been very popular, bought by writers across North America and in the UK. In fact, Barbara is planning to make an updated and revised “Writing Fiction That Sells” series in the fall.

Barbara is offering the current “Writing Fiction That Sells” series for free to anyone who attends the May 10th RoundTable. She will have forms available on the day for anyone who’s interested. They’ll then receive an email with the info they’ll need to access to the online series for free: link, username, and password.

Member News – April 8, 2014

The WCDR is an organization of 300+ members. Our membership includes a full range of writers and we want to celebrate their achievements, promote their writing-related workshops, and spread the news about literary events they’re involved in. Check out what’s new this week with the WCDR community:

Member Paeans & Kudos:

Durham MNMers Support Literacy!

On July 11, ten WCDR members will join in the Muskoka Novel Marathon, a 72-hour novel-writing fundraising event for literacy programs at the YMCA Muskoka/Simcoe. You can help by donating to the group at the April, May or June Roundtable breakfasts OR donate online to their giving page on Canada Helps website:  All sponsors have their name added to a draw for a great Writers Gift Basket, full of books and lots of writerly goodies.

 Over 9 million Canadians have literacy needs. WCDR, support Kate Arms-Roberts, Samantha Banik, Sandra Clarke, Kevin Craig, Tobin Elliott, Deborah Harkness, Dale Long, Paula Mazzocchi, Connie Sparacino & Ruth Walker. Together, we will change the numbers.

Member-Presented Workshops:

More Explorations in Creative Writing:

Starting April 28, award-winning writers Ruth E. Walker and Gwynn Scheltema will be offering a six-week writing course at the Oshawa Campus of Trent University. Kick off your spring renewal with some intriguing word-play. Each session will explore one main element or aspect of writing creatively with innovative hands-on exercises, engaging group discussions and weekly assignments and feedback. Beginners and Intermediate writers.   

At the Library:

The Whitby Public Library is thrilled to be hosting An Evening with Tanis Rideout, author of Above All Things, the 2014 Pass the Book selection of Durham Libraries on Thursday April 24 at 7 p.m.

Hosted by Susanna Kearsley, the event, at the Central Library, features an onstage interview as well as areading by Rideout.

Above All Things, will be available for purchase the night of the reading for signings courtesy of Blue Heron Books.

Registration is required. Register by calling any branch of the Whitby Public Library or online at

RoundTable Forecast: April 2014

RoundTable Forecast

Finding Your Voice:

On April 12, the WCDR is pleased to welcome Canadian-based, internationally published writer, film maker and editor-in-chief of magazines such as Fangoria and Gorezone Chris Alexander.  As a film maker, he is the writer, director and composer of multi award-winning films like The Vampire film Blood for Irina and its upcoming sequel, Queen of Blood.  As a journalist, Alexander was a columnist for Rue Morgue Magazine for six years, before he took over as editor-in-chief for Fangoria, an iconic, NYC-based horror periodical.  He has written thousands of feature articles for various publications, and is currently at work on his second book, The Twilight Zone Legacy, which will be coming out this year from Bear Manor Media.  At the RoundTable, Alexander will talk about the importance of finding the voice in your writing; give tips on how to take something personal and make it commercial; and discuss how to maximize your time to be as prolific, positive, and effective as possible.

Pre-registration is Required:

The deadline to register is 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.  We hate turning people away, so be sure to register early to avoid disappointment!    You can register online, by phone at 905-686-0211, or by emailing  If you register by phone or email, be sure to tell us what your meal preference is; if no preference is given, you’ll receive the Chef’s Special.

Members wishing to submit PowerPoints should send .ppt or .pptx files to by noon on April 12, and members wishing to book a table to sell their books should also contact by this time. 

Other Highlights for April:

Our writing exercise this month, “Caption This,” will be led by Harrison Wheeler.  Wheeler is an author of speculative fiction for young readers and an illustrator who has taught in a variety of settings (from Nunavut to Japan) to a variety of ages (5-85 years).  His book, Jesters Incognito, is now available.

Raffle prizes will include two Blue Heron gift certificates, donated by the WCDR; a copy of The Lamp: A Journal of Creative Writing for Graduate and Professional Students, donated by G.L. Morgan; and a spot in Jessica Outram’s upcoming workshop.

After breakfast, Dorothea Helms will lead our mini-workshop: “Pricing for Profit.”  This slice of Dorothea’s popular, all-day Business of Writing workshop will be beneficial to anyone wanting to make a part- or full-time living as a freelancer.  Learn what to charge, how to price package deals and, most importantly, when to say no to a job.  Dorothea has had humorous pieces appear in a variety of magazines and newspapers across North America.  She has served on the faculty of a humour-writing conference in the U.S. and runs “Whenever I feel like it” humour writing contests under her brand, The Writing Fairy.  Be sure to sign up in advance!

You can also attend one of our blue pencil sessions, and have 4 pages (double spaced) of your work-in-progress looked over by a professional.  Sign up when you register for the RoundTable!

Looking for books that might help you hone your craft? 

Drop in on our librarian, Sherry Loeffler.  You can borrow a book this month and bring it back at the next RoundTable!

Our Pay it Forward collection consists of Ariel Gore’s How to Become a Famous Writer before You’re Dead, Christina Kats’ Get Known Before the Book Deal, Steven King’s On Writing, Francine Prose’s Reading Like a Writer, Lucius Shepard’s A Handbook of American Prayer, and three thesauri by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi: The Emotion Thesaurus, The Negative Trait Thesaurus, and The Positive Trait Thesaurus.  The Pay it Forward collection works just like the library, except you pay a minimum $10 donation to borrow the books.  Each year, the Pay-it-Forward fund helps the WCDR provide grants and scholarships to writers of all levels.  Drop by the library table at the next RoundTable and check it out!

Blue Heron Books will also be on site with a fabulous selection of books for sale.

We look forward to seeing you there!