Kerry Craven

Kerry Craven
Kerry Craven

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Craft: Writer, Short Fiction Writer

Bio: Kerry Craven has been a member of the WCDR since 2016. She has had stories published on the Dreamquest One website, in Fabula Press’ Nivalis 2017 edition and in Pulp Literature’s 2018 spring edition. She has also been the Creative Writing teacher at a specialized arts high school since 2001, where she published several literary anthologies.


Flawless – Second place in the Dreamquest One contest, 2016

Rachel Wants to Die – Editor’s choice award: Nivalis 2017

Meggie – Second place in the Pulp Literature Raven contest. Publication spring, 2018


Sandra Clarke

Sandra Clarke
Sandra Clarke

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Bio: SJ Clarke is a multiple Award Winning author of romantic suspense. Mind Over Matter won the 2012 RWA Maggie Award, took a 2nd Place 2012 RTTA finish for Best First Book and was a finalist for the CRWA Award of Excellence for Best Romantic Suspense of 2012. Her upcoming novel, The Missing Time, won The 2012 Golden Claddagh and the 2012 Golden Gateway. SJ sits on the board of directors for The Ontario Writer’s Conference and is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Toronto Romance Writers (RWA), and the Writers’ Community of Durham Region (WCDR.)
Craft: Writer

Genre: Romantic Suspense with a Paranormal Twist


Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter


A mother faces her worst nightmare when she discovers her missing daughter is scheduled to die in mere days.

For three years Rebecca McKenney has been grieving the loss of her daughter. Now, a vision showing Sabrina three years older, suggests her baby is still alive, and the FBI agent who gave up the search is the only one who can help find her. Rebecca once witnessed a psychic connection between Agent Cooper and her daughter. She only hopes their fragile bond remains-and that the coward has the decency to pursue it.

Special Agent Dan Cooper, haunted by a tragic mistake made early in the investigation, agrees to help Rebecca to ease his conscience, if nothing else. Together they fight inner demons, all too real bad guys, and an attraction neither wants to admit to. Each step closer to finding her daughter unearths wide-spread deception and an evil so vile it threatens to break Rebecca’s spirit. The thought of having her daughter back in her arms is all that keeps her going. Until she learns the horrifying truth – her daughter is scheduled to die in mere days.



• Mind Over Matter won the Georgia Romance Writers Published Maggie Award of Excellence contest.
• Mind Over Matter finaled in the Colorado Romance Writers Best Romantic Suspense of 2011 Award of Excellence contest.
• Mind Over Matter won 2nd Place for Best First Book, Published Category, of the 2012 Romance Through The Ages, (RTTA) contest.
• Mind Over Matter received the Top Pick Reviewer’s Award from The Romance Reviews
• Mind Over Matter was nominated for Best Romantic Suspense of 2011 by The Romance Reviews
• The Missing Time: Winner, The 2012 Golden Claddagh, Published category.
• The Missing Time placed 5th overall in the Romantic Suspense category for The 2012 Catherine, a Toronto Romance Writers contest.

Memberships: WCDR, Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writersnbsp;


Stephanie Regan

Stephanie Regan photo
Stephanie Regan

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Craft: Writer, Memoirist, Commercial Writer

Bio:  Stephanie Regan spent her formative years in a small town in the Ottawa Valley in the 1980s, an experience that informs much of her writing today.

She attended Carleton University with the intention of becoming a journalist. She discovered she didn’t like asking the tough questions, as she felt many of the tough questions were none of her business.

Stephanie worked as a government communications officer for a number of years but found she had no energy left for creative writing. She left the federal government in 2013 when her office was closed. She is now working as a freelance writer with absolutely no guarantees in life but is exponentially happier.

Her first attempt at a novel won an Ontario Arts Council Grant and a Writer’s Trust Scholarship. 

Stephanie is skilled at technical writing, communications writing, editing for style, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, and realistic, everyday life fiction about quirky, odd people and their weird lives.

She is currently working on her second novel, one that she is confident will see the light of day. It is set in a small town. 

Margaret Hefferman

Margaret Hefferman
Margaret Hefferman

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Bio: Maighread MacKay is an author and Podcaster from Ontario, Canada. She is a member of the Writer’s Community of Durham Region (WCDR), and the PRAC (Pine Ridge Arts Council).

Her publishing credits include three books for children: Bedtime Treasures, The Mysterious Door and the Crystal Grove written under the name of Margaret Hefferman. Stone Cottage is her was published in 2015 by Solstice Shadows Publishing. She was included in the 2015 Christmas Soup for the Soul: Merry Christmas edition with her story “Being Santa”. Stepping Stones, an anthology of inspirational parables is to be released March 25, 2016 from Solstice Publishing.

Craft: Writer, Short Fiction Writer, Christian/inspirational Writer

Genre: visionary fantasy, children, inspirational


Stone Cottage

Stone Cottage


Victoria Anne McBride is dead, mourned and buried. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see it that way and refuses to move on. There’s something she needs to tell her husband, Will. Until she does, she will wait for his return to their home, Stone Cottage. For as long as it takes, she will wait…wait…wait.

Rebecca Wainwright is a 21st century woman. Her world is perfectly controlled. Just the way she likes it. Tragedy strikes and she descends into chaos. Trying to heal, she searches for a sanctuary…a place of her own, away from the burdensome concern of her family and best friend. A place where she can lick her wounds without anyone watching. She stumbles across a lovely stone home located off the beaten path and feels completely at home, as if she’d been there before. Why is she so drawn to this place? How can it help her to heal?

Perhaps, Victoria Anne can help.

The Mysterious Door

The Mysterious Door


While practicing in Emma’s backyard for the school baseball team, Charlie hits a ball into the woods. When Emma searches for it, she finds an old oak tree that is very unusual. Calling Charlie, she asks if he notices anything different about the tree. “Oh, my gosh,” he says. “Do you mean the door?” “Okay, so you do see it. I thought I was seeing things,” replies Emma.

From that moment on their lives change as they approach the door, open it and enter a totally new world. They meet talking flowers, Pip, a Leprechaun, the Hunter and many animals, including their Animal Guides as they journey through a small portion of the Otherworld and run into a tricky problem on their way back home.

The book also leaves us with a few questions. Will the door be there the next time they wish it to be? Who is the caretaker of the tree? Where will their next visit take them?





The Crystal Grove

The Crystal Grove


How could I have been so stupid? Why would Kyle think I’m special? I’m nobody. He’s hot. No wonder he likes Cindy better. I don’t fit in with them. I hate my life. It sucks big time.

After being betrayed by a friend, Emma is having a hard time believing in herself or feeling she is worthy of being liked. Charlie suggests they go back to the Otherworld to find Mystique, Shadow and Ramses to see if they can help her. Discovering they have dangerous enemy in Anu, the yellow tiger, this journey will be more perilous than the last. As they make their way to The Crystal Grove, they will need all of their strength and courage to outwit the new threat. Their own friendship is tried as they learn things about each other they didn’t know. New friends are introduced who help them reach their destination despite the challenges they face. When they arrive at the grove, the Goddess Quan Yin helps them remember Who They Really Are and how to deal with Emma’s problem.




Stepping Stones

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An anthology of 6 short inspirational parables. Four of the stories are taken from obscure biblical references that asks the question, “What might have happened next?” The remaining two are original work pondering life questions relevant in today’s life.

It will be released by Solstice Publishing on March 25th, 2016.



Bedtime Treasures

Bedtime Treasures


Bedtime Treasures is a collection of 8 short stories and a poem by Author Margaret Hefferman which have been brought to full life with the incredible illustrations by Nicole Wallace! A beautiful and charming book, filled with wonderful characters, adventure, and fun throughout, but also with great messages for your children… From Myrtle to Mandy, Peabody, to the mad conductor, your kids will love the fun characters the enchanting, and fun stories, and the lessons taught throughout! Beautifully bound, a book you will keep forever!




Stone Cottage Booktrailer


The Mysterious Door Booktrailer


The Crystal Grove Booktrailer

Awards: Top 10 finalist in the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll

Memberships: WCDR
Sisters in Crime Toronto

Ingrid Ruthig

Ingrid Ruthig (photo: Iwona Dufaj)
Ingrid Ruthig
(photo: Iwona Dufaj)

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Craft: Writer, Editor, Poet

Genre: Poetry, Nonfiction (i.e. literary criticism, book reviews, essays, and interviews)

Bio:  INGRID RUTHIG is the author of THIS BEING (published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside), which won the League of Canadian Poets’ 2017 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award for best debut book of poetry. Her work has appeared widely in publications across Canada and abroad, including THE BEST CANADIAN POETRY (Tightrope Books, 2012), “The Malahat Review”, “The New Quarterly”, “Cordite” (AUS), “Magma” (UK), “National Post”, and many others. She is also the author of the poem sequence/artist’s bookwork SLIPSTREAM, the chapbook SYNESTHETE II, and the editor of THE ESSENTIAL ANNE WILKINSON, RICHARD OUTRAM: ESSAYS ON HIS WORKS, and DAVID HELWIG: ESSAYS ON HIS WORKS (forthcoming in 2018).



This Being“In this, her debut collection, Ingrid Ruthig records the ebb and flow of individual life through time, landscape, and our collective existence. How we connect with the past, where we are now, and despite our inherent separateness, our personal convergences – these are what lay ahead on this journey. Ruthig also explores our need to create, to build a deeper sense of self, of belonging: questioning, observing, then striving to respond. Her voice is confident, concentrated, wry. This is a book of poems about the dynamic of being, and our shifting perception of who we are from one moment to the next.” — Fitzhenry & Whiteside (April, 2016)


The Essential Anne Wilkinson selected by Ingrid Ruthig

Selected and introduced by Ingrid Ruthig

“Anne Wilkinson’s poetic career emerged during a time of few Canadian poets—and even fewer who were women. The Essential Anne Wilkinson showcases the work of her abbreviated but meaningful career, with poems that range from intellectual and symbolic lyrics, to direct, incisive satire… [and] gives voice to a highly regarded but oft-forgotten poet, who introduced a unique female perspective to the Canadian modernist movement.” — Porcupine’s Quill (2014)



“SLIPSTREAM is a poem sequence & artist’s bookwork, which was commissioned by the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington. Rough notes Ingrid once intended for a larger narrative were instead, over several years, distilled into a sequence of twenty short, linked poems. First presented as a textwork of twenty panels fusing Ingrid’s text & images, SLIPSTREAM was re-imagined for book form, and the result – 100 copies produced in two limited editions – was launched in conjunction with an exhibition of the original artwork.” — ARKITEXWERKS (2011)


Richard Outram - Essays on His Works edited by Ingrid Ruthig

Edited by Ingrid Ruthig

“This volume presents the first posthumous panorama of Outram’s work and achievement. It includes an interview, a lecture, an elegy, and new essays by poets and writers who admire Outram’s commitment to “concision and precision” in language — Brian Bartlett, Michael Carbert, Robert Denham, Jeffery Donaldson, Steven Heighton, Amanda Jernigan, Eric Ormsby, Ingrid Ruthig, Peter Sanger, and Zachariah Wells.” — Guernica Editions (2011)



“Continuing in a long-established tradition of poetry excellence, this collection of 50 poems is culled from Canadian literary magazines and journals. The handpicked selection includes the best, and most current, representations of the vibrant Canadian poetry scene. This distinguished volume offers both a convenient introduction to contemporary poets in Canada and a collectible yearbook for seasoned poetry readers, distilled by the esteemed editorial tastes of a new guest editor and an accomplished poetry editor.” — Tightrope Books (2012)

Available for: Readings, and speaking about poetry, criticism, publishing, as well as writing in general.

Hawthornden Fellowship (2018)
Gerald Lampert Memorial Award (2017, for THIS BEING)
Ontario Arts Council Writers’ Reserve Grants
Petra Kenney Poetry Prize (UK, 2005)
Eden Mills Writers’ Festival Literary Competition (2003)
WCDR Scholarship

Memberships: League of Canadian Poets
Writers’ Community of Durham Region


Summi Siddiqui

Summi Siddiqui Photograph
Summi Siddiqui

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Bio:  Summi Siddiqui connects cultures beyond borders.  As a travelling storyteller Summi carries Canadian stories with her and returns with tales from the places she visits. She has performed at Harbour Front Storytelling Festival 2011, 2012, 2016. She was also a finalist for ‘Storytelling Slam’ at The Writer’s Community of Durham Region (WCDR). Growing up in a family of poets, writers and artists, educated in London, India, Paris and Italy, Summi has immersed herself in different cultures and  stories from all over the world that has led her to connect communities. She has organised lectures, workshops and storytelling sessions in Canada, India, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Oman.

She has held her sessions in the British Council Centers of Tripoli, Dubai and Jeddah, Khartoum University and Cambridge International Training Center in Sudan, Dubai Medical Collage for Girls, Dubai Community Theatre and Art Centre Library, Al-Ghubra School in Oman, Jawahar Children Palace, Hyderabad, India and the Institute of Social Services for Youth and Women Welfare, the National Book Week and the Khoj Foundation in New Delhi, India.

Summi is based in Ajax and has told her stories in the Libraries of Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Peterborough and Toronto. She has participated in the Ajax Festival of the Arts, Whitby County Town Carnival, Stellar Literary Festival Oshawa, Simcoe Hall Settlement House, Canadian Unitarians Council, St. Jude Catholic School, Sharon Temple and the Play staged by the Kalalu Folklore Theatre Oshawa. She is a former member of Race Relation Ajax and spoke on Ubuntu (the quality of being human) to celebrate the Black History Month at the AIDS Committee of Durham Region (ACDR) event.

Her story ‘Coming Home’ has been included in …..’A second coming -Canadian Migration Fiction.’

Craft: Teacher, artist, writer, poem-scribbler, performer, public speaker, traveling storyteller