Paeans and Kudos

Ingrid Ruthig

Ingrid Ruthig has been on the road promoting her latest book, This Being, a collection of poems published earlier this year by Fitzhenry & Whiteside. After a successful spring run of readings and interviews in Ontario, and inclusion in New York City’s Poets House Showcase 2016, she recently launched the book on the East Coast. Ingrid is guest author on an upcoming installment of “Telling Stories with Jules Carlysle” on Rogers TV, and on September 27th will be interviewed at her alma mater on CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto. THIS BEING is available through all the usual book channels and, in Durham Region, you’ll find copies at Blue Heron Books and Chapters Oshawa. For more information, events, and news, visit

Paeans and Kudos September 2016

Laura Suchan

  • Pitched to an agent for non-fiction historical books
  • Agent expressed a great interest and asked to see more

Lisa Llamrei

  • Submitted to WCDR’s Skip the Slush Pile and agent requested a partial

Heather Tucker

  • Her debut novel, The Clay Girl is being published by ECW Press in early October
  • The American Booksellers Association chose her book as a fall pick
  • She’s been invited to tour the U.S. West coast to promote her book

Glenn S. Reid

  • Submitted a poem “One Grey November Day” and a short story “The Size of a Horse” to the Poetrey Institute of Canada
  • Both will be published in separate anthologies in February 2017
  • The short story has been long-listed for a prize

Lisa Liscoumb

  • Dishonourable mention in the Purple Prose category of the Buller-Lytton Fiction Contest

Dave Frolick

  • His first murder mystery has been submitted to his editor
  • He’s currently tweaking and polishing

Sue Reynolds

  • Sumbitted to two poetry contests
  • Raffle magazine and The Puritan magazine

Brenda Harrison

  • Submitted a story to Word Weaver

Heather M. O’Connor

  • Submitted her picture book Too Fast Tyson to Pajama Press after successfully pitching it on Twitter in the #CanLitPit event

Sylvia Chiang

  • Her middle grade novel Cross Ups will be published by Annick Press

Maureen Curry

  • Entered the CANSCAIP Children’s Writers contest

Christine Iliadis

  • Submitted manuscript to 13 Canadian Publishers
  • Contract from UK Publisher given for manuscript however trying to find Canadian Publisher
  • Submitted article to Word Weaver

Paeans and Kudos July 2016

Barb Martin

  • Pitched to Bookends, and they requested a full manuscript.

Heather O’Connor and Ruth Walker

  • Have been invited to read and present at the Dromoland Indie Books. Literary Festival August 27th and 28th in Little Britain.

A.B. Funkhauser

  • Submitted to Eric Hoffler and New Apple.

Lisa Reynolds

  • After taking Dorothea Helm and Ruth Walker’s Write to Win Workshop, Lisa applied to two contests. Chicken Soup for the Soul and an International Poetry Contest.

Maaja Wentz

  • Entered Slam competition.
  • Entered Word Weaver writing prompt contest “Sky”

Heather O’Connor

  • Submitted a picture book that explores friendship and inclusion to Orca Books.

Paeans and Kudos

Larry Busch 

Larry’s first jump into the literary deep end is complete.
His non-fiction book, TAKEN HOSTAGE STORIES AND STRATEGIES: WHAT FAMILIES, EMPLOYERS AND GOVERNMENTS SHOULD DO, was edited by Sherry Hinman, self-published and is available on-line through all major sites.
As travel security, terrorism and hostage taking become all too frequent, Larry’s book is an education and a must read for domestic and international travelers, NGOs and anyone in harm’s way.

WCDR Member Paeans and Kudos – June 2016

Heather M. O’Connor

  • Betting Game, Heather’s YA sports novel for Ocra Books, was selected for Best Books for Kids and Teens, a magazine published by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.

Cryssa Bazos

  • Cryssa’s novel Traitor’s Knot is a finalist in the Romance Through the Ages Contest (Medieval/Renaissance category)

Lucy Brennan

  • An introduction and poem about the poet Pier Giorgio di Cicco on Brick Books website.

Sandra Clarke

  • Thanks to the WCDR Skip The Slush Pile event, Jessica Faust requested Sandra’s full manuscript.

Sylvia Chiang 

  • Signed with agent Amy Tompkins at Transatlantic Agency



WCDR Member Paeans and Kudos – May 2016

Stephanie Gibeault

  • Won the February Story Starters contest at the Ontario Writers’ Conference
  • Submitted a short story to Liquorian magazine and is currently working with an editor on a rewrite

Dale Long

  • Won the January Story Starters contest at the Ontario Writers’ Conference

Mel Cober

  • Made The Ontario Writers’ Conference short list for January, but lost to Dale Long

Tobin Elliott & Dale Long

  • Participated in the Twitter #PitDark pitch, and within minutes the Bent agency requested their query and ten pages

Phil Dwyer

  • Had book launches in Uxbridge, Toronto (x2) and participated in Authors for Indies

James Dewar

  • Piquant Productions built the website for Guy Gavriel Fay

Ruth Walker

  • Pitched at Ontario Writers’ Conference and Sue Miller wants to read the complete Manuscript.
  • Rejected by an agent, however  that agent referred her to another agent who does mystery

Tamara Petra Cormack

  • Entered Voices of Motherhood 2016 by



WCDR Member Paeans and Kudos – April 2016


Ruth Walker

  • Had two queries to one U.S. and one Canadian agent
  • Had a request for the first thirty pages of her manuscript to a U.S. agent/editor

Sue Reynolds

  • Featured in Shabe Sher in Toronto April 26th

Phil Dwyer

  • Short listed for creative non-fiction/carte blanche contest about his mother in law and her loser boyfriend. (Phil hopes it doesn’t win)

Heather Tucker

  •  Her short story “Butterfly as Metaphor” was the Australian Book Reviews story of the month


WCDR Member Paeans and Kudos – March 2016

Vivienne Radford
Submitted her 1st short story to The Toronto Start Short Story Competition

Yvonne Hess
Submitted a short story to the Rights Factory’s Don’t Talk To Me About Love Contest

Christine Suntz
Submitted an entry to Harlequin’s Skip the Slushpile

Glenn Reid
His short story ‘The Lost Canoe’ received an Award of Excellence from the Poetry Institute of Canada
Had a short story published on The Little I See Project

Tamara Petrou
Submitted to GEIST postcard contest
Submitted to Writers’ Union Emerging Writers Contest
Submitted to WCDR Grants and Scholarhips


WCDR Member Paeans and Kudos – January 20, 2015


Curse of the Purple Delhi SapphireKeep your eyes peeled for the release of the second book in Rachael Stapleton’s Temple of Indra Series, available for pre-order February 14th. Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire from Solstice Publishing is a mystery/time travel romance.

View the book trailer on YouTube.

More details at

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Move magazine - Winter 2014Dawn Riddoch’s article, “Grow Locally at Durham College” about Durham College and celebrity Chef Jamie Kennedy’s recent visit to the college’s Centre for Food was published in Move Magazine’s inaugural issue.