Children’s Writer’s Circle


Writing Circle: Children’s Writers’ Circle
City: Whitby
Location: The Colonial Retirement Residence
Contact Name: Deborah Elmore
Contact Information: or 905-728-3149
Meeting day: Wednesday
Start time: 7:15pm
End time: 9:15pm
Meeting frequency: The first Wednesday of each month.
Openings: Yes
Facilitator: Yes
Name: Deborah Elsmore
Format: A challenge is given previous to each meeting to write a piece on a specific theme, genre or inspiration. We begin our meeting reading and critiquing the challenge piece. Following that, we do some Writing-on-the-spot. If time permits, participants share ideas and resources.
Comments: We write stories, poems and songs for children… age 0 to Young Adult. Twice a year, in June and December, we present the residents of the Colonial Retirement residence with a Reading Night.

One thought on “Children’s Writer’s Circle”

  1. Hi, Deborah

    I am a new member of the WCDR who lives a fair distance from your area. I could have joined a children’s writer online critique group, but I feel an actual, in-the-flesh meeting is more my style. Currently, I have no writing friends, and am keen to make some. Reading about your wonderful-sounding children’s writer circle fills me with longing. As I envision myself as a member of your group, I am curious to know the number of participants, if there’s any age restriction in your membership and the sorts of writing that members are working on.

    As for me, I’m awaiting word on the publication of my first sci-fi novel for 10 and up (Tundra Books has had the ms. for 4 1/2 months now; as well, I have other publishing-related irons in the fire.) The manuscript’s acceptance by a publisher will firmly cement my resolve to surround myself with the support of other writers, and relocating to Durham Region could be the right course to follow.

    Dawn Hagan
    Fellow children’s writer

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