Durham Writing Society (DWS)



Durham Writing Society (DWS)

Meeting Day: 

Usually Mondays

Start Time: 7 pm

End Time: 9 pm (usually later)




Safari Bar & Grill in Ajax is where we are holding the meetings for the time being (may change in Spring 2016)

General format of meetings:

Meetings start with brief introductions, followed by publishing news. After this there will be a writing prompt and members who wish to will share their work.

The second half of the meeting is for critiquing. Each meeting two members will read from work previously distributed to group electronically. Members discuss as if the author were not there for five minutes, then the author and reader/reviewers can engage in conversation about the work. In addition, two others will be able to share something for feedback. All authors should bring sufficient written copies.

We usually have a core group of seven members, with four or five other members who come less regularly. Many more are registered and share through the Facebook group.

Are you open to new members? 

Yes, the meeting is open to new members. They join via our Facebook group, interested parties should search the name on Facebook. It is a closed group, as we share work online.

Contact person for enquiries about group:

Jackie Brown Jackie.brown42@gmail.com