Editor in Residence: One on One Payment

Editor in Residence – One on One

Limited number of spaces

Robyn Read, Acquisitions Editor for Freehand Books, will work one on one with WCDR writers the week of May 30th.

Participating writers are asked to submit 20 manuscript pages one month ahead of time (Monday, May 2nd) through email as a Word document or PDF. Writers are asked to provide a cover letter, or a pitch in the body of the email itself, and to please specify in the subject lines of their emails, WCDR Editor in Residence.
Robyn will read the manuscript excerpts prior to the meeting and in the hour-long one-on-one interview will provide thoughtful and personalized feedback on the work of each author, as well as discuss how to pitch their work (cover letter, submission package, presentation, agents, etc.) in that meeting.

Please note: Robyn will be providing feedback on the manuscript autonomously, as a submission-package-in-progress, and not as a submission to a specific press.

Time: One hour sessions
Date: Week of Monday, May 30, 2011
Place: TBA
Cost: $75 for WCDR members

$75 – WCDR MEMBER – Editor in Residence One on One Member