Edward Greig

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Bio: ¬†I’ve spent the majority of my career in the advertising and communication fields as a creative director, designer and commercial writer. Dominion of the Spirit, my third novel, was inspired by anecdotal stories passed down to me through previous generations of the Greig family. These remembrances form the nucleus for this post-Victorian era, Great War novel.

Craft:  Writer, Commercial Writer

Genre:  Principally historical fiction

Dominion of the Spirit

Book cover for Dominion of the Spirit

Dominion of the Spirit is a story of lives forever altered by the vagaries of fate and the irrepressible growth of a nation. As old-world traditions give way to the reality of a tumultuous new century, the Brighton family is forced to confront the spectre of a lost dynasty and those tragic circumstances endemic of a World War. Caught in the unalterable tidal currents of history, Thomas Brighton, a first generation Canadian, must overcome his personal demons by redefining the substance of his life in a convulsively changing time.