February 8 2014 Mini-Workshop: Getting Sex on the Page, with Sandy Campbell

About the Workshop:

Every novel has a romance at its heart. Sometimes that romance is consummated. Sex scenes can be glossed over or so steamy they’d make a gymnast wince.
Join me for a funny light-hearted discussion about writing sex scenes. Yes, I will use the word penis. Together, we’ll figure out what heat level you’re comfortable with (from sweet to sizzling) and how to tailor your choice of words, acts and descriptions to that level. We’ll discuss tailoring the percentage and explicitness of sex to your target audience and your first-choice publisher.
Writers who aren’t comfortable with anything beyond a Sweet heat level should not participate. Sweet means love scenes aren’t consummated and if they are, details aren’t given. Sweet-level works won’t include the information I’ll present.

Topics will include:

  • Is a sex scene warranted
  • Establishing the level of sensuality and the writer’s comfort level
  • Unacceptable acts/themes
  • The differences between erotica and pornography, and the audiences for each
  • Acronyms and terms
  • Helpful websites (help with terms, choreography and props)
  • Size and how not to define it
  • Kink
  • Variety
  • Choosing synonyms appropriate for the heat level of the work
  • Tension
  • Five senses
  • Romantic clichés…don’t go there
  • Safe sex

About the Speaker:

Under the pen name Gwen Campbell, Sandy’s the author of fifteen published novels, and has recently signed a five-book deal with Ellora’s Cave. Her books have made recommended reading lists in USA Today, and her novel When A Pack Dies is the winner of All Romance eBook’s Best of 2010 award. She got her start in the magazine industry, writing everything from news stories to obituaries. A life-long believer in romance, she now focuses on romantic fiction. She adores the quirkiness of her sixty-seven pound rescued dog and claims her best sticky-plot resolutions come to her while dog walking.

2 thoughts on “February 8 2014 Mini-Workshop: Getting Sex on the Page, with Sandy Campbell”

  1. Is this the person that is AKA … Campbell Call?
    If so, I want to thank her for encouraging me with GUYS Growing Up: THANKS!
    IF not: Success with the WORK SHOP!

    Because of the uncertain driving conditions, the distance, the costs involved, etc. I respectfully suggest that the “work-shop” info become a part of the NEWS LETTER. BUZZ! We have the mechanics & electronics to facilitate such a change that, I think would have more advantages than disadvantages.
    Enjoy LIFE… Roger 🙂
    At least I would, in this case, not miss-out on the SEX stuff! :-(. . .

  2. Hi Roger,
    An email transcript would not replace the benefits of an interactive workshop! Besides, the WCDR wants to encourage and support its members to share their expertise and get paid for their hard work. However, maybe looking at having mini-workshops transcripts available as paid downloads could be an idea.
    Take care! 🙂

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