January 11, 2014 Mini-Workshop: Agent Queries: It Starts Long Before Pressing Send, with M-E Girard


About the Workshop:

Writers spend time crafting and polishing the query letter that will hopefully land them an agent, however the process of querying goes much beyond the composition of the letter. A writer should expect to spend a significant amount of time and energy on their querying process in order to have the best possible chance at finding the right match.

M-E Girard began her querying strategy early on in her writing career—long before she even had a finished manuscript to send out. She spent much time researching how to obtain literary representation and put a plan into action. Her querying strategy paid off: She was offered representation by one of her top choices, after sending out only six queries.

In this workshop, participants will learn tips on developing an agent querying strategy. From how to set up the groundwork long before the letter is crafted, to targeting the right agents, to avoiding common mistakes, to tracking queries—M-E will give you tips, resources materials, and advice on how to ensure your query letter has the best chance at landing in the right hands. As a bonus, participants will also receive a handout with the most essential questions to ask a literary agent during The Call.


About the Facilitator:

M-E Girard is writer of contemporary fiction—mostly young adult fiction, usually queer fiction, and always about girls. She has completed her first Young Adult novel (a finalist in the 2010 Young Adult Novel Discovery Contest), and has many more novel-length stories in the works. M-E was a fellow of the 2013 Lambda Literary Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices, and is represented by Linda Epstein of the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. M-E is a new-ish member of the WCDR but can be found everywhere, including all over this website, as well as on the WCDR literary blog, Reading As Writers, and facilitating its online critique group, RAW Critters. M-E is all over social media, and always trying to make blogging a more regular thing.