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Jessica Outram
Jessica Outram

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Bio: Jessica Outram is a blogger, playwright, and publisher of Sunshine in a Jar Press. Educator. Principal. Theatre Geek. Interested in family history, arts, technology, and social justice. From trade publications to anthologies to the stage, Jessica’s writing has been connecting with readers for over fifteen years. She has been involved in WCDR happenings since 2000: attending breakfasts, events, and workshops; briefly serving on the board; and facilitating a number of workshops on playwriting, metaphor, story elements, and the idea of autoethnography (writing who we are).

Craft: Writer, Play/Screenwriter, Publisher

The Writing Spiral: Learning as a Writer

The Writing Spiral
A comprehensive learning program designed to call writers to action, this book utilizes research-based learning strategies, humour, metaphor, and interactive exercises to awaken the learner in you. To become a better writer, you need to become a better learner.

A diverse collection of poems, stories, memoirs, and essays featuring thirty contributors, The Writing Spiral promises to take you on a journey around layers of experience, knowledge, and inquiry to awaken your writing core.

From the Cottage Porch: An Anthology

From The Cottage Porch

Picnicking on the rocks of Georgian Bay, relocating an outhouse in Muskoka, or catching tadpoles at Algonquin Park: From the Cottage Porch captures the spirit of cottage country in Ontario. Imagine the day unfolding from your favourite Adirondack chair on the porch. The anthology begins with the sounds of sunrise and moves through the dynamic and surprising events of morning, afternoon, evening and night at the cottage.

Available for: Workshops, readings, consultations.

Memberships: Jessica is also a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada and Spirit of the Hills in Northumberland.