March 2016 Mini Workshop – Dorothea Helms

Presenting with Pizzazz

Dorothea Helms
Dorothea Helms

Facilitator: Dorothea Helms

When writers present with pizzazz, they will be asked back again and again! Whether writers are asked to do a reading of their original work, emcee and event, teach a workshop or present a keynote speech, delivery is as important as the words they come up with. In this one-hour session, she will teach the 10 basic elements of successful presentation (in her opinion and experience). She will include a fun and informative interactive exercise and a helpful handout.

BIO: Dorothea Helms, a.k.a. The Writing Fairy®, is an award-winning, internationally published writer and popular writing instructor. She is the author of the successful book The Writing Fairy Guide to Calling Yourself a Writer, and she offers courses, workshops and keynote speeches that inspire adults to write and publish their work.