March 8 2014 Mini-Workshop: Mind-Mapping Your Writing, with Laura Suchan

About the Workshop

Mind mapping is an easy to learn tool that helps you brainstorm, organize and outline thoughts in a visual way rather than in sentences. It offers a method of organizing, generating and structuring ideas and thoughts around a central word. For the purpose of writing, mind mapping has many applications including query letters, articles, novels, character development and plot structure. In addition to writing, mind mapping has many benefits and uses including studying, creating, memorization, planning, problem solving and brainstorming. As a tool, mind mapping is flexible and can be adapted to multiple communication and learning styles making it an ideal tool for most everyone. It is easy to learn and does not require any special equipment.

About the facilitator

Laura Suchan is Director of the Oshawa Community Museum where she has been balancing budgets and writing business plans for more than 20 years. Laura was project manager for several oral history projects and continues to teach oral history and memoir writing. Travelling to far flung countries is a passion of hers and she would be as happy as the day is long if she could figure out a way to combine travelling, reading, writing and yoga into a career.