Writing Circle: Uxbridge Writer’ Circle (formerly Norwood 2)
City: Uxbridge
Location: boardroom in Uxbridge Arena
Contact Name: Sherry Loeffler
Contact information: or 905-640-6313
Meeting day: Tuesday
Start time: 1 pm
End time: 3 pm
Meeting frequency: first Tuesday of the month
Openings: Yes
Facilitator: Yes
Name: Sherry Loeffler
Format: We start by bragging rights for any contests we entered or any items sent in to publishers.
Then we read our challenge we did over the past month for feedback,
finally we do a 10 minute writing on the spot and read them back.

One thought on “Norwood2”

  1. Hi Sherry,

    I used to attend Northword Edition a long while ago. I’m wondering, does it meet in the summer? Could you let me know when the next meeting will take place?

    Thanks very much,


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