November 2016 Guest Speaker – Gail Mercer-MacKay

The 6-Figure Freelance Writing Career with Gail Mercer-MacKay
November 5th RoundTable Speaker

Gail Mercer-MacKay
Gail Mercer-MacKay


Gail will talk about the new market opportunity for freelance writers, explain how to tap into it, review pricing rate sheets and discuss her own secrets and tips. She will share stories on how she found her first clients and explain a strategy for building your own 6 Figure Freelance Writing success.


BIO: When Gail was fired from her job as a sales and marketing executive, she decided to become a writer. Her friends told her “don’t do it – you’ll starve – there’s no money in writing.” Gail ignored them and tried to build a business as a freelance writer. She quickly found that her friends were right – that traditional methods of looking for work and finding writing assignments were few and far between. With only her instincts to guide her, she built her own 6 Figure Freelance Writing business in less than 18 months and now is on a mission to teach others how to do the same. Find out more at

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