Previous Breakfast Speakers


Note: Prior to September 2013, the RoundTable meetings were known as Breakfast meetings.


The WCDR is fortunate to have had many years of outstanding breakfast speakers.  Please browse the list below to see the long list of illustrious novelists, journalists, poets, editors, songwriters, scriptwriters, children’s book authors, copyright lawyers, and others who have been speakers at our monthly breakfasts over the last 15 years.

Some examples of breakfast meeting speakers are: Mike O’Connor, publishers of Insomniac Press; Dan Blakeley of CHUM FM radio; Moira Dann, Editor of the “Facts & Arguments” page of The Globe and Mail; Karen Levine, producer at CBC Radio and author of the acclaimed book Hanna’s Suitcase; one of Canada’s best-loved authors, Betty Jane Wylie; popular true crime columnist Max Haines; and improv master and Second City alumnus, Brian Smith.

Note: We do not hold any breakfast meetings in August.

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