Published works by Graham Ducker


               Published works by Graham Ducker

Don’t Wake the Teacher – Memoirs of Kindergarten 2004

Book of Poetry – Where Warm Hearts Blend     2014

 I represented the City of Oshawa in the Poetry Month Challenge between Oshawa and the city of Regina, Saskatchewan.                    2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

 Grandfather, Father, and Me – Painting the Crossroad  2013

  Grandmother, Mother and Me Grannie’s Sky     2012

 Frightmares published by Dark Moon Books         2011

 Anthology: When the Full Moon Comes by HBP       2012

Santiago Beach

One Brilliant Day

Cuba Charisma

Hill Threads

 Canadian Stories – Painting the Crossroad         2012

 Two Primary School picture books published          2011.

 The Elephant That Wanted to Join the Circus

 Why Pigs Have Curly Tails.

 Canadian Stories, Spider Island                   2011

 Ascent Aspirations – Pondering the Frog             2010    

 Canadian Stories – The Prince Charming Association   2010

.Canadian Stories – The Sweet Smell of Success         2010

 WCDR Word Weaver challenge – Wilderness Eventide     2010

 Canadian Stories – Canadian Hospitality               2010

 Canadian Stories – Pocketing Pieces of the Day     2010

The Messenger – His Treasure                       2010

The Brookin Town Crier – Colourful Thoughts       2009

CAA’s Anthology – Count Robert Bluette             2009

Canadian Stories – Wilderness Eventide             2009

 Second Place in the Algonquin Adventures Poets     2009 Competition – Ode to the Water Strider.

 Third place – Full Circle – Mariposa Writers’ Group Lake Country Literary Lapses Short Story Competition    2009

Winter Short Story Radio Competition.               2009

Honourable mention for Medicinal Mud. “Although it just missed out on being in the final five entries, the judges singled it out for specific praise and felt the writing was of a very high standard.”

Grandmother’s Necklace – Grannie’s Sky –           2009

 Canadian Stories, – The Friend I Never Met          2009

 Canadian Voices – A Culinary Connection          2009

 Honourable mentions in the 77th Annual Writer’s     2008

Digest Writing Competition:

Inspirational Category – Life in a Leaf

Poetry Category – Wilderness Camping

First prize in the Lake Country Literary Lapses Festival Mariposa Writers’ Group for Life in a Leaf.          2008

 Wisdom of Old Souls – A Culinary Connection         2008

 Canadian Stories – Chez Pierre                   2008,

 Oshawa This Week – Frozen Tag                       2008

 Aspirations Anthology – Painting the Crossroads    2008

 Writer’s Digest Writing Competition                 2007

Honourable mention for the Non-rhyming Poem “Wilderness Camping”.

 The                     2007

The Shiny Pop Can.                                    

 A semi-finalist in the               2007

International Writing Competition #11, for


 Canadian Stories April – Grannie’s Sky               2007

Liaisons II                                         2007

D. Lawrence Commemorative Anthology

Spider Island Sanctuary

Granny’s Sky

 Medicinal Mud

 Borderless Sky – Hidden Brook Press                   2007

The Pop Can and poems An Ethereal Visit and Reality.

 Cielo Sin Fronteras, Editor: Manuel Valazquez       2007

C.C.L.A., The Pop Can

Canada Cuba Literary Alliance Volunteer Anthology     2006 Poem: Deja Vu Voyage

 The Science Creative Quarterly                       2006 What If…. 

 CAA Toronto Fiction Anthology by Wingate Press       2006

Stumbling through Darkness & Lakeside Departure

 Graham Ducker was one of this years semi-finalist     2006

in the WriteMovies Competition.

Haliburton Highlands Writers’ and Editors’ Network     2006

Writing Liaisons Anthology                                                                                                          

The Great Kindergarten Autopsy

What If…

 Lichen Arts and Letters                               2006

Lichen Literary Journal: Writing Between the Lines

Fiction Winner: Long Ago and Far Away        

 ELAN – A Regina Weese Collection                     2005

Wingate Press                                                                                                                                                   

The Day Dad Shot My Fish

 Canadian Stories – Abandoned                        2005                                                                                                                                      

 Canadian Stories, Spider Island                     2005

 Canadian Poetry Association Anthology               2005

The Day Dad Shot My Fish

 Tales from the Manchester Arms                     2005

Canadian Authors Association Anthology – Toronto

Old Bart’s Legacy

It’s Hard to Understand Cats

What if….?

Volume 3 of The Ambassador – CCLA publication     2005

A Mother’s Silent Wish

 The Messenger of the Sacred Heart was published – 2005

Colourful Thoughts

Honourable mention for the story ‘Ship’ Building in the 74th Writers Digest Writing Competition.           2005

Ontario Poetry Society Anthology                   2005 Poems: Timeless Anticipation, and Ripples in Time

 The Swallowtail Butterfly in the Ambassador of     2005

the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance.

 As I Was Saying – Northview Seniors Anthology       2004

Medicinal Mud

 2004: Graham Ducker new book, Don’t Wake The Teacher, is the true memoir and account of events at the Morson School over a period of ten years. Secluded against the edge of the forest, the two-room Morson Public School was set-aside specifically for Kindergarten and Grade One, and the school drew its students from the small surrounding communities and two First Nations Reserves. It has been translated into Spanish and is an integral part of the University of Holguin Teachers’ College curriculum.

 Canadian Poetry Association’s Anthology – ‘Legislative Lethargy’                                         2004

 2004 Graham Ducker has written several True stories from real people on

The Experiment  

The Key Rack

The Alley Cat

The Day Dad Shot My Fish

 Spider Island Regina Weese On line Magazine

First Love – June 2004

Abandoned – July 2004

The Gift – August 2004

Spider Island – October 2004

 Postcard story, Mitten Memories, published in The Canadian Messenger’s December 2003 issue.

2003 Out of 18,000 entries, Graham Ducker’s story ‘Ship Building’ was an honourable mention in the 72nd Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition.

 2003 The WCDR’s Graham Ducker just had a full-page dissertation entitled “You Reap What You Sow, Ministry of Education” published in the fall edition of the Renaissance Magazine. The magazine is published by The Retired teachers of Ontario

 Graham Ducker had an article, Painting the Crossroad, read on CBC Fresh Air.                                   2003

 POETRY – partial listing

 When the Full Moon Comes:                           2011

Published by Hidden Brook Press.

Canada Cuba Literary Alliance Anthology             2011

Without you

There Was a Time

Castle Tower at Night

The Phantom


But No…

Pondering the Frog

A Love Poem

Here This Hand

A Mother’s Wish

Cuba Charisma

Christmas Memories

 Saving Bannister                                  2010        

Canadian Authors Association Anthology – Niagara

Judges Selection: Pondering the Frog

 Tavern of Lost Souls Anthology:                   2008

Advice to a Woman

Time Saver


Canada Cuba Literary Alliance Anthology

Shores of Time                                     2008

The Crisp Note


 Baby Boomer Birthright, Spring                     2008,

Poet Works Press.

Timeless Anticipation”

 Ola Cuba, Summer                                    2008,

edited by Stella Ducker for the C.C.L.A.

Hidden Brook Press.

“Cuba Charisma”,

 Poems for Big Kids –                                 2008

A Neil McAlister Anthology

An Ethereal Visit (illustrated)

 Borderless Skies – Canada Cuba Literary Alliance     2007

Cuban and Canadian Writers Anthology      

By Hidden Brook Press


 Poem Wilderness Camping has been chosen to appear in The Poetry Canada Magazine in the September 2007 issue.

 Butterfly Thunder – Anthology of Canadian Verse

Ontario Poetry Society                               2007

A Mother’s Silent Wish

A Love Poem

A Canadian Anthology of Verse                         2006

Enchanted Crossroads

Ethereal Visit

 2006 Graham Ducker’s poems, “THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTMAS” and “NEEDLESS DESTRUCTION”, have been selected in the new International Online Poetry Competition to be published to the website at

 2006 Graham Ducker had poem – What Would Happen? published in The Future Looks Bright Book 1 published by the Canadian Federation of Poets.

 Canadian Federation of Poets                         2006

Book 1: The Future Looks Bright

What Would Happen?

 The Ambassador     Vol. 6                          2006

By Canada Cuba Literary Alliance

The Evening Sentinel

 Enchanted Crossroads – Anthology of Canadian Verse

Ontario Poetry Society                               2006

An Ethereal Visit

Castle at Night

 The Ontario Poetry Society                         2006

Taste of the Rainbow


Ethereal Visit

Castle at Night

 Canada Cuba Literary Alliance Anthology

The Ambassador Vol.3                         2005

A Mother’s Silent Wish

 Amnesty International Group 9                       2005

Poetry Compilation Dedicated to Ko Aye Aung

– for his release from a Burmese Jail.

Poem: Ripples in Time

Unlocking the Muse                                 2005

Anthology of Canadian Verse – Ontario Poetry Society

Timeless Anticipation

Ripples in Time

 The Ambassador – Canada Cuba Literary Alliance – #3 2005

By Hidden Brook Press    

A Mother’s Silent Wish

Canada Cuba Literary Alliance                        2004

Ambassador Winter

Poem: The Swallowtail Butterfly

The Canadian Messenger’s December                                                                                     2003

Mitten Memories  

Rocks and Rhythm –                                   2003

Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Verse

You Came Into My Shop

Handprints on the Future                             2003

Hidden Brook Press   Canadian Poetry Anthology

Legislative Lethargy

 Signatures, the Writers’ Circle of Durham Region.     2002

Edited by Ruth Walker, for

“The Nest”,

 Many short stories and poems were published in the Oshawa-Durham Life Magazine. Publishing Record between March 2001 – Aug. 2002

 A Time of Trial by Hidden Brook Press                 2001

International Anthology of Poetry


September 11



 CCLA trips and events

2008 WCDR member J. Graham Ducker has returned from a week in Holguin, Cuba where, in conjunction with the University of Holguin, he was invited to the Sixth International Conference In Foreign Languages, Communication and Culture or WEFLA – – His keynote address was entitled Using The External Environment For Language Development, from his book Don’t Wake The Teacher! He also attended the 2010 Conference.

 This biennial conference provides the ideal setting for a fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences among language teachers and other professionals from all parts of Cuba and from overseas countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Jordan, Kuwait, Mexico, Perú, Puerto Rico, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, USA, among others.

 2008 03 27 – Paeans! Kudos!

As members and Ambassadors for the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance, CCLA, WCDR members Graham and Stella Ducker have recently returned from a two-week trip to Cuba where they read poetry at the International Book Fair; the Havana Library; the National Centre for Arts and Literacy, UNEAC; and hotel presentations, as well as workshops. They, along with the CCLA group, were invited to attend the opening of the International Cultural Symposium at the University of Havana.

 While there Graham was invited to attend the WEFLA Conference in Holguin in April, and present the seminar Using The External Environment, from his book Don’t Wake The Teacher! He is looking forward to the experience.

 2007 01 22 – Graham and Stella Ducker

WCDR members Graham and Stella Ducker, who are also members of the Canada Cuba Literary Association, have been invited to join the delegation to Cuba. They will be leaving Jan. 29 for two weeks of poetry workshops and readings at the University of Havana; meetings with the Ambassador and Cultural Attache; and perhaps do some readings to Her Excellency Mrs. Bugaisliskis. Mrs. Ducker will also be working with her web design counterpart.

 Stella is a member of the Canadian Federation of Poets and is the Durham Region Federation Chair, an active member and supporter of the arts. Stella is the Editor & Co-Founder of the Stellar Showcase Journal for Poets & Writers with worldwide submissions and also broadcast on the internet not only to promote musicians but also, as of this year, a poetry show on International Fame Radio

 2007 01 08 – Stella Ducker

Stella Ducker, is the proud recipient of the January 2007 featured poet of the Canadian Federation of Poets.

 Rainy River book launch

 Welcome to Mooseport writeup  

 Durham Folklore Society events        

 Educational write ups and renaissance