Reva Stern – May 12 Guest Speaker

Reva Stern at the May 12th Monthly Network Meeting!

Reva Stern

The Talk:

Ms. Stern will bring you along on her journey from law school drop-out- to theatre director/playwright- to full time writer/editor and published author/novelist.

Perhaps her experience will be motivation for the writers and editors in the room to keep moving in the same forward direction until they reach their goal of seeing their work in print. Once in print, however, the reality settles in when you realize you have to stand before an audience and speak. Ms. Stern’s theatre background will help direct you toward that new path.


Many writers, teachers, lawyers, broadcasters and other professionals lack confidence in their ability to read or speak in front of an audience, no matter the size of the “crowd.”

The goal is to make those who fear public speaking, become more compelling, entertaining, and engaging speakers. Ms. Stern will offer, to interested members, a taste of how to engage and charm your audience.

About Reva Stern

Writer, director, editor, teacher, designer

Reva Stern was Artistic Director of a Toronto theatre for twenty years. She has been a Guest Director in Florida, Kansas City, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles and has collaborated with such notables as Isaac Bashevis Singer, Arthur Marx, William Gibson and Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey. She has written and directed several original stage plays and has directed, produced or designed over 100 plays and directed over 40 TV series episodes.

Ms. Stern was Regional Casting Director for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and Los Angeles from 1975 to 1993. She has been a guest speaker at esteemed venues such as The University of Miami, the Actor’s Workshop, the New Play Festival in New York City, and the ‘Playwright’s Conference’ at the University Of Pittsburgh.

She has edited numerous scripts, short stories and novels for other writers and publishers.

Her own writing, editing and publishing credits include journals, magazines and newspapers including the National Post, the Globe and Mail and several years as the editor of Wellness Way Publications. She is the published author of “The Water Buffalo That Shed Her Girdle.” Her manuscript “The Prescott Journals” was optioned for the screen and this will become her second published novel by a US publisher. Her third novel “I Say My Name” is under consideration by a Canadian publisher.