Sherry Hinman – April 21 Guest Speaker

Sherry Hinman at the April 21st Monthly Network Meeting!

Sherry Hinman
Sherry Hinman

How to Work with an Editor

Finished your book? If you’re hoping to shop your manuscript around to agents, having it professionally edited increases your chances it will get picked up; if you’re planning to self-publish, you’ll definitely want a keen pair of eyes on it before you shepherd it off to the printer. But how do you know when your manuscript is ready for editing? How should you prepare for the process? And how do you know what types of editing your manuscript needs (and should an editor be able to provide them all?) Sherry Hinman will address these and other topics related to working with an editor.

Mini-Workshop: Self-Editing: Tools of the Trade

Cap or lower case? Numerals or spelled out numbers? Singular or plural? Comma/no comma? Passive or active? Sometimes, the answers to these questions have a right or wrong answer, but often, the decisions are a matter of style. If you Google the question—oh, you’ll find answers! But how do you recognize the best ones? How do you know what’s a rule, what’s a style choice, and when it’s okay to make exceptions?

About Sherry Hinman

Sherry Hinman is a full-time editor, writer, and professor. She is a Certified Professional Editor (CPE) through Editors Canada (Certified Copy Editor, Proofreader, Structural and Stylistic Editor) and is a former member of Editors Canada’s certification steering committee. Sherry is also a professor at Durham College, where she has taught adults for 16 years, and she has 10 years’ experience as a creative writing instructor at the Oshawa Senior Citizens’ Centre. As a writer, Sherry has had over 100 articles published in magazines and newspapers, internationally, and she has had a few short stories published in anthologies.

A respected member of Durham Region’s writing community, Sherry is a past president of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region and the founding chair of the Ontario Writers’ Conference. Prior to her career in editing, Sherry worked for many years as a speech–language pathologist and professional practice leader in a hospital setting. Her education includes a BA in linguistics from McGill University, a BSc and MSc in speech–language pathology from Université de Montréal, and an editing certificate from George Brown College.