Paeans and Kudos September 2016

Laura Suchan

  • Pitched to an agent for non-fiction historical books
  • Agent expressed a great interest and asked to see more

Lisa Llamrei

  • Submitted to WCDR’s Skip the Slush Pile and agent requested a partial

Heather Tucker

  • Her debut novel, The Clay Girl is being published by ECW Press in early October
  • The American Booksellers Association chose her book as a fall pick
  • She’s been invited to tour the U.S. West coast to promote her book

Glenn S. Reid

  • Submitted a poem “One Grey November Day” and a short story “The Size of a Horse” to the Poetrey Institute of Canada
  • Both will be published in separate anthologies in February 2017
  • The short story has been long-listed for a prize

Lisa Liscoumb

  • Dishonourable mention in the Purple Prose category of the Buller-Lytton Fiction Contest

Dave Frolick

  • His first murder mystery has been submitted to his editor
  • He’s currently tweaking and polishing

Sue Reynolds

  • Sumbitted to two poetry contests
  • Raffle magazine and The Puritan magazine

Brenda Harrison

  • Submitted a story to Word Weaver

Heather M. O’Connor

  • Submitted her picture book Too Fast Tyson to Pajama Press after successfully pitching it on Twitter in the #CanLitPit event

Sylvia Chiang

  • Her middle grade novel Cross Ups will be published by Annick Press

Maureen Curry

  • Entered the CANSCAIP Children’s Writers contest

Christine Iliadis

  • Submitted manuscript to 13 Canadian Publishers
  • Contract from UK Publisher given for manuscript however trying to find Canadian Publisher
  • Submitted article to Word Weaver

Dave Frolick

Dave Frolick
Dave Frolick

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Bio: Dave is a country music songwriter and the Creative Director of Frozen North Music (SOCAN) a Canadian Music Publisher. Website:

In November of 2015 Dave put his songwriting on hold to work on two murder/mystery novels, ‘The Cabin’ and ‘Music City Murders’. The synopsis of these novels can be found on the WDF Publishing website

Craft: Writer, Song Writer

Genre: Murder/Mystery