The OWC Extends Its Student Nomination Program to U25 Young Writers!

Every year, the Ontario Writers Conference awards a free conference spot to a deserving student by teacher nomination. This year, the OWC has decided to extend this student-writer nomination program to young writers attending our U25 Panel on March 8th!

How it works:

On the day of the U25 Panel, if you’re a paid WCDR member, you will have the opportunity to nominate any young writer (sixteen years old and up) who is in attendance that day. Nomination forms will be available at each table. All you will need is the young writer’s name, age, and what school they attend, as well as a note about why you think they would benefit from attending the Ontario Writers Conference.

A word from OWC Co-Chair and Program Coordinator Barb Hunt:

Offering free attendance to a deserving student-writer is exactly how the Ontario Writers’ Conference strives to promote the passion and career of writing. We’ve supported various young writers – as part of a “Make-a-Wish”, to inspire an artistic high school student and to further a university Lit student’s journey in writing. Being able to partner with teachers and mentors is just an added bonus!

Thank you to the OWC!

We’re excited to be adding this perk of attending the U25 Panel next month!


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