CONGRATULATIONS to Connie DiPietro-Sparacino, who wowed the audience with her SLAM piece at the July 9th WCDR breakfast meeting. She took home $100 and the fabulous and coveted cheesy gavel trophy!

And congrats to all the competitors. The votes were close, because everyone did such a stellar job. Kudos to Phil Dwyer, Velma Blenman, Gwynn Scheltema, Ruth Walker, Helene Paquin and Mike Khashmanian for providing us with such provocative pieces.

Thank you to everyone who turned out to audition in June, plus all those who were in the audience at that meeting and the breakfast meeting.

BIG THANK-YOUS TO JAMES DEWAR for helping to organize this year’s SLAM competition, and to EYTAN CROUTON, for entertaining us with his award-winning SLAM style while the votes were being counted.

Wasn’t it fun?
Dorothea Helms, The Writing Fairy

10 thoughts on “THE WCDR 2011 SUMMER SLAM WINNER!”

  1. It was a total blast!! Thanks so much Writing Fairy for organizing it. And Connie, I’ve watched it again and it STILL makes me cry.

  2. This was my first time seeing a Slam! and thought it was so much fun. Kudos to everyone for having the courage to get up and perform. Connie you were outstanding!!

  3. Goodness me! It seems that I remember seeing another winner of this Slam- whatever cry during a performance. Does one have to be able to weep at will in order to earn applause? Does one have to be able to make the audience weep, gnash their molars, and is this a new form of performance art.
    I’m underwhelmed, but then I’m a cynic, and proud. And just what is a total blast anyway?

  4. Hey Connie, you are a fabulous writer, your words captivated me. You made me cry, yes I weeped. Thanks, I needed that.

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