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Bio: After discovering new worlds hidden in the pages of books, Tobin dug deep into Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert R. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert. Later, he moved on to Stephen King, Graham Masterton, John Farris, Stephen R. Donaldson and J.R.R Tolkien.

Tobin draws on events from his family’s troubled past as well as his own, then he twists those events to new depths of horror. It’s his way of wrestling with the demons that haunt us all.

When he’s not collaborating with Dale R. Long on a series of interconnected stories in their Gods and Monsters universe, Tobin is continually adding to his series of loosely-connected Aphotic World novels.

Tobin has published three novellas and has had stories published in two anthologies, the most recent in Expiration Date edited by Nancy Kilpatrick. Tobin is seeking publication for his three (so far) Cycle of the Aphotic World novels.

Aside from the writing, Tobin has also taught more than 400 students through his Creative Writing course at both Durham College and Trent University (Oshawa) since 2000. He was also a judge for the Crime Writers of Canada’s best unpublished manuscript (also known as the Unhanged Arthur), as well as a judge for the Canadian Authors’ Association Award for Fiction. In May 2016, he and Dale Long will present a Master Class on collaboration for the Ontario Writers’ Conference.

Tobin is a regular participant in the Muskoka Novel Marathon, a 72-hour writing marathon that raises money for adult literacy programs for the Simcoe/Muskoka area.

Craft: Writer, Editor, Short Fiction Writer

Genre: Horror


Vanishing Hope (the first story in the Aphotic World)

Vanishing Hope


Vanishing Hope is the first story in a loosely-connected series tied together by The Book. The series is the Cycle of the Aphotic World.

The Book knows your dark places. It knows your weaknesses. It knows your innermost desires. It feels your pain and knows how to twist it to its own needs. It knows how to become your best friend.

All the things it can do with you…

Talia is nine years old. The Book is ancient. Talia hates her life. The Book exploits hate. It shows her all the things she can do to those she hates. All the ways she can hurt them. Talia is powerless. The Book is power.

And now, The Book has found Talia.





Soft Kiss, Hard Death (Sam Truman Mysteries #3)

Soft Kiss, Hard Death
There was a time when Sam Truman was a respected PI. But that was before he shot an unarmed man and his license was revoked. That might have been the end of the road for Sam, but then, things got weird…

After having tackled walking corpses in the first mystery, and aliens in the second, Sam is hired by a man who’s one-night stand resulted in far more than he bargained for when the woman in question deposits something horrible in his body, then promptly dies.

Now Sam is chasing the dead woman’s doppelganger all over the city, from seedy bars to the city morgue, in an effort to discover who (or what) she is and to prevent her from spreading her particular brand of lovemaking to another poor sap.





The Wrong

The Wrong
The Wrong is about the fear of growing older and becoming less relevant. It’s about the fear of being replaced.

The question is, who, or what, is being replaced?

It starts out with one thing, easily mistaken. Something that looks like it’s wrong, but it isn’t. Is it? No one else notices, so it must be me, right?

But it keeps happening. It keeps getting worse. I’m seeing things go wrong everywhere. At work. Out with friends. At home. During sex.

Soon, I can’t hide it anymore. No one else sees what I see. Things aren’t right. No, not by a long shot.

Everything looks wrong. But it isn’t, is it? No one else notices, so it must be me, right?

Is that right?

Or is that Wrong?



Stealing Corey (Whispered Words anthology)

Whispered Words
After the death of Corey, his best friend takes his ashes and looks over their lives, how they got to where they are…and how Corey died.

This ain’t a feel good story.










Prison Break (Expiration Date anthology)

Expiration Date
This is a story about a boy and his dog. It’s about the magic that happens between the two and the desperate lengths both will go to simply remain together.