U25 Young Writers: Are You Working on Your Story for the Contest?

On March 8, 2014, writers 25 and under left the U25 RoundTable with a swag bag that contained all the information for the WCDR U25 Writing Contest sponsored by Inkslingers. Write a short story (600-800 words) for the chance to win $100 cash and the chance to see your writing in print!

We hope U25 inspired our guests to pen their own stories, and the contest judges are looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

The judges would like to encourage the U25 young writers to enter the contest, with entries due by June 1st–so there’s lots of time left! Also, please note that confirmation numbers are not needed to submit entries! Follow the rest of the submission guidelines, and all inquiries are welcome. Simply contact webmaster@wcdr.org or support@wcdr.org

For more information about our sponsor, Inkslingers, and the contest judges, please visit this past news post.