WCDR Grants & Scholarships – 2015 Recipient Testimonials

From the 2015 Grants & Scholarships Recipients…


I am very grateful to the WCDR and Terry Fallis for the scholarship I received in June. My goal when I applied for the scholarship was to find an agent or publisher for my novel. With the funds I received, I was able to attend the Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston ON on July 25, 2015. This event was well attended by writers and publishers of speculative fiction and consisted of a number of panels as well as a vendor area. It was a small but focused gathering, with all the local who’s who of Canadian SF. I was able to interact with a number of seasoned professionals and learn from their experiences, and hear from publishers what themes and areas were in demand. My novel remains unpublished but I feel the experience was invaluable for engaging with the SF writing community.

Again, many thanks for the support,
Ann Dulhanty


Receiving an award from WCDR has been both validating and extremely helpful. I am honoured to have been chosen and appreciate it very much.

My original intention had been to use the award to help offset the costs of a writing conference in the US which specializes in my genre, however, a death in my family around that time made travel impossible. Instead, I used it to enroll in an invitation only masterclass which took place over the course of several months. I am still digesting the wealth of material I was able to access through it. As an Indie author, it is my responsibility to stay current in an industry that seems to change monthly, if not daily, and to maintain the highest possible standard of quality in my writing to compete in an increasingly crowded market. My award, and the WCDR itself, has helped me greatly in that goal.

Thank you again, WCDR!

Heather Hamilton-Senter


I would like to express my gratitude to the WCDR for its generous grant. Recognition in the form of a grant is not just monetary assistance to achieve the goal, but a of reflection of confidence in a writer’s work. Deciding to self-publish my novel, Feeding Frenzy, was not easy. The novel started in the form of chapters posted weekly to Wattpad, a free online reading platform with over 40 million members.

When Wattpad chose to feature Feeding Frenzy, and then later when it won a Watty award, it became clear that the story was of interest to readers. That said, spending the money to properly edit it for publication in e-book and paperback forms was a different matter. When the WCDR decided to provide a grant to help pay for editing, this vote of confidence made it seem both feasible and sensible.

Thank you once again for your confidence in my work, and for your financial support to help bring it to publication. Feeding Frenzy received editorial input from award-winning Canadian writer Richard Srimger, and the manuscript is currently in the hands of award-winning editor Sandra Kasturi. I will be sure to let you know when the publication date is set.

Please feel free to forward this letter to any of your sponsors. I am indebted to the WCDR for the many opportunities it has given me to network with other writers, attend workshops, enjoy guest speakers, read in public, participate in competitions, publish newsletter articles, and attend special events like Bookapaloosa. The local writing scene would be much poorer without the WCDR and its many generous volunteers.

With gratitude,​

Maaja ​Wentz​


I was delighted when I heard that my submission was chosen to receive a WCDR grant. It was a major accomplishment and one that I have proudly added to my C.V.

Using the funds I received from the grant, I attended the Ontario Writers Conference for the first time. It was an exciting two day venture chockfull of networking and learning opportunities. I had the pleasure of meeting accomplished authors such as Allyson Latta, Annette McLeod and Johanna Raisanen. The insights they shared on writing remains invaluable to my writing practice today.

Thank you WCDR for the informative and highly motivating experience!

Lisa Reynolds-Jones


Thank you WCDR for loving my story and rewarding me with a $250 WCDR Grant in 2015! First time submitting a story into a competition and first time getting an award, it was carnival time that night in our house! After researching various options, I decided to put the whole grant amount towards doing Sarah Selecky’s Story Intensive on-line course a second time. I learned how to write in a whole new way. Before, I wrote pantser style and it was great, my imagination would run amok and words would miraculously appear in my notebook. Now I’ve also learned about structure, scenes, settings and oodles more. I notice my writing style is more evolved, my critiques have matured and I have greater insight as a writer and a reader. Most wonderful of all is that I continue to write each day with anticipation, excitement and need. Thank you WCDR for helping me raise the bar and to keep writing.


Dawn Brown


Last spring I was tremendously pleased at receiving a Writescape Scholarship from the WCDR in order to continue working on my graphic novel, Jewish Samurai Girl. Receiving the grant not only gave me the encouragement to continue working, but allowed me to develop professionally as a writer.

Although I had initially intended to use the grant to attend a retreat, health concerns tied to a difficult pregnancy forced me to stay home. Instead, I used the funds to enlist the help of an established writer, Terri Favros. Terri Favros is a novelist, essayist, and the author of the Bella graphic novel series. Using the scholarship fund, I hired Terri Favros for a manuscript evaluation. Ms. Favros read my manuscript, met with me, and provided me with detailed notes.

Having completed a second draft of my graphic novel, I am now ready to revise the manuscript a third time, according to Terri Favros’s critique.

Grants of all sorts enable writers at the beginning of their careers to continue writing. WCDR’s Writescape scholarship is one of these grants. I am very grateful for the WCDR’s support, and am indebted to its donours. Thank you.


Laure Baudot


In the spring of 2015 I needed fresh ideas to move my Y.A. novel to completion. I can still remember the thrill of discovering that I had received a WCDR grant. The Ontario Writers’ Conference provides specialists in many areas of writing. I decided that I would apply my WCDR grant to registration for the conference.

Richard Scarsbrook led a Master Class titled: Creative Writing Kick-start for Y.A. Authors. He shared his experiences and answered the concerns of each member of the group. From Annette McLeod’s workshop I learned how to add layers to the personality of the characters in my story. And to round off the day, Gwynn Scheltema schooled us in the different types of short fiction and challenged each of us to try a new form for publication.

Thank you WCDR. My attendance at the Ontario Writers’ Conference promoted growth in my craft. It also inspired me to believe that I can complete that elusive first novel.


Maureen Curry