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AGM & Member Celebration

June 8th is Annual General Meeting time. As an Ontario Not-for-Profit organization, we are required to hold an AGM once a year to present the financials, announce board changes, and vote on any issues which are pending. We realize it's not our most stimulating meeting of the season but it is important that you attend so that you have your say and we have a quorum for the records. It's your time to ask questions and help steer the ship. Then comes the fun--The 2018-2019 Year End Celebration.

Member Celebration

After the general session, your WCDR family will be celebrating another year in retrospect. What did you do in the past season? Did you have a poem published? An article? A screenplay? Did you finish the first draft of your novel? Maybe you won an award of recognition or an honourable mention. Whatever you accomplished, well done, we'd like to celebrate with you. Join in at the morning networking celebration, cheer on your fellow members, and share your own milestones.

Make a Powerpoint slide of your accomplishment to be included in the morning presentation loop. Words. Covers. Trailers. However you wish to express it, we want to include it. Send your slide to Naomi Mesbur at roundtable@wcdr.org.​

We look forward to seeing you!

Upcoming Speakers
Every month, we welcome industry professionals as guest speakers for our Monthly Network Meeting. You can always expect to learn something from the writers, agents, and editors who visit the WCDR.
June 8, 2019AGM & Member Celebration
2019/2020 Line upComing Soon!