WCDR SLAM Auditions – April 9th

WCDR SLAM Auditions – April 9th

To win the $100.00 PRIZE and the coveted cheesy trophy, get ready to enter the WCDR SLAM!

A SLAM is usually a contest where poets memorize poems and compete with each other on stage. Performances are scored by judges and the performer with the highest score wins. There are different kinds of SLAMS and if you google it you will see some of the most avant garde writing performance contests available these days.

We want to give as many members as possible the opportunity to compete so we’ve modified the rules and have included them below. ANY form of writing is permitted: poetry, prose, humour, grocery list, monologue, stand-up routine, whatever…

Here are the most important things to keep in mind:
1. Only WCDR members may enter the WCDR SPRING SLAM! on April 13th.
2. Due to time constraints the number of contestants is limited to SEVEN
3. Auditions will be held Tuesday, April 9th at The Brock House in Whitby starting at 7:00 to identify the LUCKY SEVEN
4. Poetry Slam rules (with some amendments) apply (see below)

Please review the rules, pick your best 3 minutes of writing and get ready to WOW the membership this April!

1. You are only allowed to perform ONE piece of material
2. The piece you read/perform must have been written by you
3. You must perform the piece by yourself. No other humans or life forms are allowed on stage during your performance
4. Your performance of the piece must be THREE MINUTES or less in length. (This includes EVERYTHING you say. The clock starts when you engage with the audience. i.e. make eye contact, wave, start talking. All performers are given a 10 second grace period, BUT once you go 10 seconds over the 3 minutes you are penalized for every 20 seconds you go over)
5. Only your voice and body may be used in the performance. No props of any kind are allowed. (except the microphone, mic stand and anything containing your reading material. See note on memorization)
6. No costumes. No nudity.
7. No musical accompaniment.
8. Although some singing is permitted, the singing must not exceed 25% of the performance. Judges have final say in this regard.
9. You are not permitted prompting from anyone
10. No racist, sexist or unusually profane language is allowed.

NOTE: The organizers and judges have the right to disqualify (or penalize scores during the auditions) for anyone who contravenes these rules. Penalties are based upon the severity of the infractions.


The LUCKY SEVEN finalists at the Tuesday, April 9th Auditions will be chosen by THREE JUDGES based on the following CRITERIA:
1. Quality of writing
2. Quality of Performance
3. IMPACT on the audience

At the April 13th WCDR SLAM the judges will NOT SCORE the performances, but will make brief comments (for fun and entertainment value) to help the audience make up their minds. (Think American Idol)

At the end of the competition each audience member will be given a ballot containing the name of all 7 slammers and asked to secretly circle the one name they think should win the WCDR SPRING SLAM TROPHY and PRIZE MONEY.

Ballots will be collected and tallied by an independent group of WCDR members not involved in the competition. While the ballots are being counted one of Canada’s finest Slam Poets, VALENTINO ASSENZA, will perform 3 of his best known pieces.


1. Although MEMORIZATION is not mandatory, it is highly recommended
4. TIMING is CRITICAL – Your performance MUST BE 3 minutes or less

If you have any questions please contact Naomi at roundtable@wcdr.org

2019 WCDR SLAM Auditions
Tuesday, April 9th
The Brock House
918 Brock Street N.
Whitby, ON
7:00 pm

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