WIHW – Writing is Hard Work

Every second Wednesday evening from 7:00PM to 10:00PM

Location meetings are held:
Members homes in Whitby.

General format of the meetings:
There is no actual writing at the meeting: only critical response. The Writers email their submissions to the other members in advance of the meetings, and all material is read ahead of time. There is no reading aloud of submissions. The critiques are constructive, but are also open and honest. Anyone who is serious about their craft knows that writing is hard work, and will welcome any critical response that aims to help the writing become the best writing it can be. While these sessions are maybe not for the faint-of-heart, we always concentrate on the writing, not the writers. All our current members find the meetings fun, illuminating and inspiring. We welcome writing in any genre, except maybe text books on quantum physics or brain surgery.

Are you open to new members?:
No. The group is currently closed.

Contact person for inquiries about the group: 
Cryssa Bazos
Please send an email to cryssa.bazos@sympatico.ca to find out more about the dates and format of the meetings.