WCDR Workshop Cancellation Policy


If you pay for your workshop via PayPal, please keep your PayPal receipt as proof of payment.

All registrants must pay in advance of the workshop unless otherwise arranged with WCDR.

Registrants may transfer their prepaid space in the workshop to another writer, but must advise the WCDR in advance of the name change. If the registrant is a WCDR member and the replacement is not, the difference must be covered at the commencement of the workshop.

However, if the registrant cannot find someone else to take their space, a full refund will be given if a cancellation is received in writing, or communicated to a board member in person (or in a “live” phone call) up to 48 hours prior to the start time of an event.

If a registrant must withdraw from the workshop after the 48 hour deadline has passed, either as a result of illness or other unusual circumstance, WCDR will endeavour, wherever possible, to obtain a new registrant to replace them from the waiting list (if any). If another registrant is available to replace the withdrawing person, a full refund will be issued.

In the event that a replacement cannot be found to replace the withdrawing registrant, WCDR will refund whatever portion of the registration fee that is not required by contract to remit to the instructor and/or must be applied against expenses. Cancelled registrations are not transferable to other WCDR sponsored workshops.

To cancel a registration please email: support@wcdr.org